1/14 Monday morning QB

Here’s some trivia to dazzle your friends next weekend during the NFC and AFC championship games. There has been a lot of talk about Colin Kaepernick being drafted by the Cubs, and you probably know that Seattle QB Russell Wilson also was drafted by the Rockies and played some Minor League baseball.

Did you know that the Patriots’ Tom Brady was a catcher and an 18th-round pick in 1995 by the Expos. Plus, Ravens QB Joe Flacco played baseball in high school and his brother Michael is now in the Orioles’ system.

Tim Wilken, now a special assistant to Cubs president and GM, scouted Brady while he played baseball at Michigan. Does Wilken think Brady, who now has three Super Bowl rings, make the right career move?

“I think all four of them made the right moves,” Wilken said of Kaepernick, Wilson, Brady and Flacco.

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

That’s persuasive in regard to what Mr. Wilken said. I can’t imagine any of those four athletes achieving an equivalent level of success in baseball as they have on the gridiron. It’s very plausible that all four made the intelligent choices with football.

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