1/19 Cubs renovations

There’s a photo gallery up on Cubs.com with illustrations of the proposed renovations. Here’s a link:


Hope that works.


Two questions:
1. What are the plans for the “triangle building” with respect to the renovations at Wrigley field?
2. What are the dates for the 2014 Cubs Convention?

Thank you

The Cubs need to bulldoze the entire stadium, stop being cheap and put an end to this agony.


ok so we are renovating the stadium and one of the biggest issues are the poles that obstruct your view of the game…. has this been addressed bc it looks like the poles are still there… if thats the case then this is the dumbest proposal i have ever seen…… BULLDOZE IT!!!!!!!! What history is there? A World Series? NO! Winning? NO majority of the seasons were losing seasons. Its OLD thats it!!!!!! Bring in a stadium that we can be proud of

There’s been no mention of the “triangle building” in the plans The Cubs now apparently want to keep that space open for a variety of things, such as the ice rink, farmers market, parking. As for the poles, those are needed for support. The only way to remove them would be to do what petrey10 says: bulldoze it.

Every time the Cubs have an away game I yearn for them to be back in Chicago at Wrigley. Every time over the years when I have mentioned Chicago to friends their first reaction is “Oh yes, home of Wrigley Field Where the Ivy Grows”. Bulldoze Wrigley? I hope not! It is a landmark that is recognized all over the country. It has a hugely significant history in the world of baseball and should be preserved and cherished. Renovations may be due, bulldozing is NOT!

I suppose in an ideal world the insanely rich people that own ML ball clubs, real estate, etc. etc. would find a way to acheive an end to not only please ALL but continue to profit keeping them….well, INSANELY RICH! Is it possible that the Ricketts would convert the existing Wrigley Field into a baseball venue for NON-ML baseball? A place where children, semi-pro, charities, Little League playoffs and WS, “worthy causes” so to speak etc. can play in a wonderful setting? And also be converted into a revenue generating museum/restaurant/convention area? All the while building a state of the art, BIGGER replica of Wrigley Field in another area in or near Chicago that would gain huge benefits from such an undertaking? I read somewhere that about 300 million will be spent on Wrigley if the Ricketts get their way (and why shouldn’t they?) 300 million might go a long way toward a new facility as well. But BULLDOZING the original Wrigley? That’s just not right.

Happily I haven’t heard anything about the Ricketts wanting to BULLDOZE Wrigley. It sounds like the renovations will be a tremendous improvement to our beautiful ivied Wrigley. Any Cubs fans who don’t like Wrigley should probably stay home and watch the games on TV. I think most Cubs fans will continue to attend games at Wrigley and love every minute of the experience. I think we will also see a much improved team in 2013. Pitching has been buffered up considerably and we can hope that Ian Stewart is healthy again. Rizzo, Barney and Castro are pretty solid. It will be exciting!

I am old and decrepit. Sure hope Petrey isn’t around to bulldoze me. But I sure could use a good renovation. Day Spa here I come.

ivy can grow about anywhere… even on the walls of a new park

You are absolutely right, Petrey! Ivy can grow anywhere! I have 15 Douglas Fir trees in my yard and spend alot of time keeping the ivy from growing up the tree trunks. I could supply ivy for a whole new ballpark. LOL

actually that is not the type of ivy wrigley had but cool for you

My first MLB game was a night game at Wrigley. The Cubs ‘n Cards in 1989. I had the plesasure of sitting behind a pole with the upper deck hanging over as I recall. I could’nt tell you the outcome of the game or who did what. IT SUCKED!!!! I never went to a night game again and only went to Wrigley another 8 times up until ’94, never sitting behind a pole!!. I’ve since finished growin up in FL and are now in my early 30’s. I’ve been a lazy Cub fan in that regard, for not going back, but I could’nt imagine it being bulldozed!!!! I hope the Ricketts family spends a Billion dollars over the next 10 years on renovations and bring a championship as well!!!

Well, you sure should come back to more games at Wrigley. I enjoyed reading your memories about the poles, etc. In spite of hanging over the upper deck to try to see past the poles you seem to understand the importance of saving this beautiful Wrigley field. I am sure the Ricketts family will preserve Wrigley and that after the renovations it will be even better. We are working on the championship really hard. It will happen!!!! Thanks for your faith in Wrigley and the Cubs. And, again, be sure to attend some games.

hmmm yankee stadium can be demo’d and rebuilt to one of the nicest in the MLB and have the greatest history of any ball park to ever be built but since wrigley is … well OLDER it can’t be demo’d and rebuilt to today standards? Give me a break… build it and they will come… people will still come even if they didn’t renovate Wrigley… anything is better than what we got but I think we are wasting 300 mill that could have went towards a better park than what this proposal shows. How long will this renovation last? Will it last as long as a newer park? Or will the cubs have to continue to throw money at Wrigley? In the long run would it be cheaper to start with a clean slate? Heck don’t demo Wrigley… sell it and make it into a museum… or keep it and make it into a museum… i don’t care

Leave the outfield bleachers/seats and the ivy walls as is… Bulldoze the rest.
And keep the stainless steel troughs in the mens room, unless you value waiting in line for some pretty white porcelain urinals.

Let’s face it. Going to Wrigley field as beautiful as it is to witness and look at is a PITA. Travel time, parking, congestion etc. I am all for keeping it as something other than a ML ballpark so fans of nostalgia can visit it and put up with all the trouble to get there and stay there. I hope it doesn’t get bulldozed but if asked the question: “Would you mind if Wrigley Field was demolished if it meant the chances of the TEAM getting into the World Series was VASTLY increased due to GREATER REVINUE the NEW, IMPROVED, LARGER CAPACITY, REPLICATED Wrigley Field would generate all the while allowing a much nicer TOTAL experience (from parking to peeing!) while being at the game? NO, I wouldn’t MIND….I hope Wrigley remains for the sake of those who love it, but I WOULDN’T MIND a World Series trophy to help us forget it either….


I moved to Orlando in ’93 and was so happy that, at the time, the Orlando Cubs were the new AA team playing at Tinker Field. It was built the same year (1914) as Wrigley Field and is on the U.S. Nat’l Register of Historic Places. Tragically the Cubs left, became the O Rays in ’97 and in ’98 became the now Tampa Bay Rays. Tinker field still stands next to the Citrus Bowl, decrepit, and in a “not so nice” part of Orlando. It is used for events and some pretty awesome concerts, but mostly forgoten and NOT used for baseball. The field is named after a 2x World Champ Cub, Joe Tinker. Remember fellow Cubs fans, It could be worse, Tropicana field is no monument. Other than no rain delays and air conditioning its pretty ugly! The Rays AAA affiliate Durham Bulls have an amazing stadium!!! Let us petition primarily as Cubs fans, but also baseball fans. How about going through with the preservation of Wrigley with the intent of building a brand new, state of the art, REPLICA thats been mentioned. New Wrigley Field!!! Spend $1.5 billion dollars, blowing away all the other newer stadiums, solving the issues. At the same time move a minlor league affiliate of the Cubs into Old Wrigley, rename the team the Orphans, stagger their schedule with the Cubs so there is always Cub oriented baseball at Wrigley field. Also, their could be an option left to play eventual Cubs postseason games in “Old” Wrigley Field.

i don’t mind that idea… if you are thinking the cost of a new stadium would be too much remember… we got a new TV deal coming up in 2014 which could be HUGEEEEE!!!!!!! Im talking billions… probably in the same ballpark area of what the dodgers got. Also we could always sell naming rights with the new stadium… I would love a replica type stadium of Wrigley Field but IMO this renovation is a waste of time.

Let’s get inventive! Keep the scoreboard intact with the exception of the center where Umpires, balls strikes and outs can be changed to an electrical sign board for game information and between innings can display advertising. Your not blocking anything that was not in the way before. I like the scoreboard showing nine innings, but seems to me the center is a waste during the game. Your thoughts Mr. Ricketts

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