1/19 Wrigley renovation plan revealed

The Cubs Saturday revealed a $300 million plan to restore Wrigley Field, which the Ricketts family is prepared to pay for. The plan will take five offseasons, and the Cubs will not have to play any of their games at another ballpark. The items on the long to do list include remodeling the home and visitor’s clubhouse, adding new batting cages that will be accessible in-game. The entire upper deck will have the wooden roof removed and new seating platforms will be installed. New concrete will be poured into the lower seating bowl. More restrooms will be added, more concessions stands, more restaurants. The landmark features will be not be changed.

The Cubs are working with architectural firms that have worked on Camden Yards, the Rose Bowl and Fenway Park. There will be a push to add some decorative touches that were on Wrigley Field when it was first built in 1914, such as ornamental metal work.

The Cubs asked fans about what they felt needed to be improved at Wrigley, what made it special, what was sacred, and responded via surveys. For example, 80 percent of fans surveyed said they liked the new LED scoreboard in right field. There are plans to add another in front of the left field bleachers. There also has been talk about adding a video scoreboard, but that has not been finalized.

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said the current home clubhouse is 50 percent smaller than what most Major League teams, and they want to provide a first class setting.

The changes will begin after the 2013 season with the home clubhouse and lower left field area and the upper level in right. The changes will eventually reduce the seating capacity by 70 seats.

We’ll have drawings and more details later today on Cubs.com

— Carrie Muskat


Good work, Carrie. This is great news! I can’t wait to see those drawings. Is there any chance the Cubs might be able to ADD seats well into the future? I understand the renovations will remove some seats, but I’d like to hope that Wrigley can have a greater capacity at some point.

There are photos in the Photo Gallery section of Cubs.com. They should be attached to the main story there

As a sports architecture buff, I would love to see the demolition and reconstruction (or the realignment) of the bleachers so that the field dimensions can be more “in line” with other MLB parks. The indentations in the corners could be filled in with more bleacher seating and/or new bullpens. The proposed dimensions with the reconstructed bleachers would be something like 335-375-405-375-335. I really like the idea of replacing the manually-operated scoreboard in center field with a modern video scoreboard. I would also like to see improved elevator access to all levels, and possibly an elevated walkway connecting the ballpark with the Red Line Station at Addison Street.

Your thoughts?

William, there is no talk about replacing the scoreboard with a video scoreboard. As for elevators, the plans included adding five (there is one now), but I don’t know exactly where. The field won’t change, so the dimensions will stay unique.

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