1/24 Cubs and Hairston

GM Jed Hoyer’s search for an extra outfielder may be over. According to FOXSports.com, the Cubs have reached agreement with Scott Hairston on a two-year contract. A right-handed hitter, Hairston, 32, was expected to platoon in right with Nate Schierholtz.

Hairston has to pass a physical before the deal can be finalized. The Cubs’ 40-man roster is full, and they must make a move to open a spot for Hairston as well as pitcher Carlos Villanueva, who has yet to be officially added to the team.

Hairston’s older brother, Jerry, played for the Cubs from 2005-06.

Hoyer has said the team wanted to add some outfield depth. Alfonso Soriano, 37, will start in left with David DeJesus, 33, in center. Schierholtz, who turns 29 on Feb. 15, is a career .270 hitter covering all or part of the last six seasons with the Giants and Phillies. Hairston batted .263 with 20 homers and 57 RBIs last season with the Mets. He has an .825 OPS against left-handed pitchers. The Cubs’ other backup outfielders heading into Spring Training include Dave Sappelt and Tony Campana.

— Carrie Muskat


What does this mean for Soriano, Campana, DeJesus and Sappelt? It looks like someone is going to have to go to make room for the new guys. I guess Spring Training will be a deciding point for all. Can’t imagine how this will play out.

well honestly I see Soriano or Dejesus leaving us by opening day… it just depends on which one nets us the best deal but chips are starting to fall and top hitting OF/DH are getting slim…. whether the haters here want to believe it or not Soriano does have value and should get us a quality young player…hopefully a 3B or pitcher

Scott Hairston was one of the players i was hoping the Cubs would pick up. must admit i was hoping for Michael Bourne.

bourn is still out there… if soriano does get traded I feel like bourn is a done deal to come to the cubs… we have no one to lead off and if you add bourn at the top of our lineup you might actually have a chance to produce some runs.

yes that is true. and Bourn is a excellent lead-off batter, but i heard that the Cubs would have to give a high draft pick to compensate for signing Bourn and Theo and Jed said they would give up prize players. still hoping for Bourn though

yes they would but its top 10 protected so the cubs first rounder should be protected…. now i don’t know if that means we lose our 1st round comp or 2nd rounder… i just know we can’t lose our 1st round pick at #2…. and its the same for any team that would try to sign Bourn. If the Mets balk at the asking price look for the Cubs to step in and try to steal him.

sounds good to me. i hope the Cubs are better at stealing Michael Bourn then they are at stealing bases!! lol. sure hope you are right that the Cubs step in and try to steal Michael Bourn

Hairston is a good pick up, an immediate OVERALL improvement of any of our projected starting outfielders. In fact it makes the Schierholtz even more questionable. Here’s hoping that Soriano is indeed gone by opening day and he nets us a roster spot as I doubt he will net much more than that unless the Cubs pay for MOST of his salary thereby netting a quality player by the money included with Soriano more so than Soriano’s ill-perceived value. As confirmed in today’s paper that Soriano is drawing NO interest from any team. As things stand right now I think the Cubs can manufacture some runs and PREVENT runs with a an outfield from left to right of Hairston, Campana/Sappelt, DeJesus. GO CUBS! Things are starting to heat up!!! And Soriano was pretty much put on notice by Hoystein.

Well yes, things are heating up and getting very interesting for sure.The outfield is looking very well staffed but I am wondering what is going to happen with Soriano if, in fact, all these other players are being used. You say that there is NO interest from any team so does this mean he will be on the bench or what?

I believe the article I read was in the Sun-Times. I did not intend that Soriano would ever ride the bench as that would be too embarrassing for the organization, although despite his RBI potential I would think a lot of Cubs fans would be assured of the new management’s postion of fielding only the most capable players if Sveum had the Steve Stones to bench Soriano for his passive aggressive “style” as Mamma so accuratley pointed out. The Cubs will hardly challenge for the NL crown this season let alone a WS appearance whether or not Soriano is the regular “player in left field” (why call him a leftfielder? He is there DESPITE his fielding “skills”).

that is the worst OF in baseball…. no just NO… its can’t manufacture a hit let alone a run

Congrats to Barney. I just saw that he was awarded Cub of the year by Comcast SportsNet Awards last night in Chicago. Go Dar!!!

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