1/28 Vogelbach 8th among 1B prospects

MLB.com released it’s top 10 first base prospects, and the Cubs’ Dan Vogelbach was listed at No. 8. Here’s MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo on the infielder:

“When Vogelbach was an amateur, he created a good amount of buzz with his left-handed power bat. Vogelbach has not disappointed as a pro after the Cubs took him in the second round in 2011. He has as much raw pop as anyone in the Minors at this position and can hit the ball out to all fields. Vogelbach has an advanced approach that has allowed him to get on base and hit for average. He was very out of shape in high school but has worked hard to slim down since signing, something he will have to continue to do as his bat propels him up the organization ladder.”

MLB.com will release top outfielders on Monday. Check Cubs.com for that story later in the day.

— Carrie Muskat


i absolutely think this kid is going to be a stud…….

150 to 200 games huh? lol he has only played 67 games in the minors… quit blowing smoke man…. does Vogelbach have gold glove defense? NO! But the kid is a lot better than people originally thought. He could easily be an average fielding 1B in the MLB.

Welcome back Belgian Cubbie. Glad you are all set for the 2013 season! Looks like we are all going to have a “vigorous” year debating the Cub’s ups and downs. I too am grateful for Mamma Mia’s presence on this blog as well as Joey and Isabel and many others who contribute their insights, ideas, thoughts, etc. Let the fun begin. Oh, I think it already has!!! Let’s all “go nuts” !

Thanks White.
About your little competition with Isabel, wouldn’t it be nice if Carrie could hint Barney about this during ST? And maybe let him decide the “winner” at the end of the season?

Wonderful idea Belgian Cubbie – I know he would pick me!!!!!! LOL

btw, anyone (white, isabel, mamma mia, joey) on twitter?

Where is the poser Mamma Mia???!?! I got a link I want you to look at…. http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2013/2/9/3968330/dan-vogelbach-video-cubs-fantasy-camp-report ….. how could you have missed this being you see and talk to the guys EVERY DAY…….. HAAHA YOU ARE A POSER!!!!!!! Vogelbach looks to be in the 230-240 range in this video and it was taken… wait for it… wait for it…. FEB 9th!!!!!! HMMMMMMMMMMM WEIRD!!!!!!!!

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