1/30 Cubs place 3 in top 100 prospects

The Cubs had three players included in MLB.com’s top 100 prospects, revealed Tuesday night on MLB Network. The trio includes Javier Baez (ranked No. 16), and outfielders Albert Almora (No. 39) and Jorge Soler (No. 42). The annual ranking of baseball’s biggest and brightest young talent is assembled by MLB.com’s Draft and prospect expert Jonathan Mayo, who compiles input from industry sources, including scouts and scouting directors. It is based on analysis of players’ skill sets, upsides, closeness to the Majors and potential immediate impact to their teams. The list only includes players with rookie status in 2013.

Baez, 20, batted .333 with 12 home runs, 10 doubles and 33 RBIs in 57 games at Class A Peoria, then hit .188 when promoted to Class A Daytona. Almora, 18, the Cubs’ top pick in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft, played for the Arizona Rookie League team and also Class A Boise last season, and combined to bat .321. Soler, who turns 21 on Feb. 25, played in the Rookie League and then Peoria last season, hitting a combined .299 with five home runs and 25 RBIs in 34 games. The Cuban outfielder signed a nine-year, $30 million contract with the Cubs last June. He made Wrigley Field look small in September when he took batting practice with the Cubs, hitting five home runs, including two that cleared the left field bleachers.

— Carrie Muskat


Sounds like Baez could push Castro off SS if Castro doesn’t cut down on his 27 errors.

or they could coexist as a great SS/2B combo… or Baez could play 3B…. or Baez could get moved to the OF… or Castro is still only 22 and puts it together

I agree with you Petrey. We put Barney at second because we already has Castro at shortstop and Barney trained to be a second. We need a third basemen bad so I think they should start showing Baez how to play at third. Then we have that hole fixed and everything else stays the same!

Just one minor correction, it’s actually even better news than the headline suggests! I saw the show last night, it was top 50 prospects, not top 100 prospects. 3 in the top 50, thats even better than 3 in the top 100🙂 .

I have to say Baez is my favorite prospect! I hope he does great! Plus I met him at the Cubs Convention and he was super nice!🙂

It does seem as if the organization is covering the need for infielders rather nicely but still has some way to go for the outfield. If any of these good hitting infield prospects can be converted to the outfield, taking over for our already existing INFERIOR outfielders….that would be a good thing too….we need at least one stud outfielder in order to get closer to a legitamate contender.

Isn’t that suppose to be Alomora? The one prospect we have for outfield?…I think…please correct me if I’m wrong

Yes, I believe you are correct Isabel, it just seems that we don’t here about the outfielders as we do about infielders. Doesn’t it seem that the infielders are making better and quicker progress?
Just a thought, as long as the Cubs are developing talent of ANY kind it’s all good. I just can’t wait for this dismal outfield to be completley overhauled, beginning with the possible trade of Soriano, follwed by the trade of the so-so DeJesus. We need a “Michael Bourne” on this team big time.

Yes I agree with you Joey. And I wanted to to tell you, don’t get your hopes up on White beating me with our Barney’s #1 fan contest!😀 LOL. I’m going to win it!!!

Joey, what in the world is Isabel thinking? She is up against the survivor of all survivors. She is up against the debators of all debators! I have spent the morning sharpening my fangs, (haha) bracing my mind for the onslaught, practicing my Sumo, doing laps around the living room, laughing myself silly when I think of how shocked Isabel will be when confronts the force of the aged White. And so it goes!!!!!! LOL

Haha!! Nope…sorry you guys, she can bring out her fangs but just know I don’t go down without a fight! I’m almost 15 in March and I was raised to not give up. I don’t look up to people nor look down on people but I can argue and yell (I get it from my mom) and I know all the facts (I get it from my dad)! I’m always going to be Barney’s number 1 fan! You can try and it won’t be easy but lets just ait till the season starts!!!

Baez is a doll! I met him at the Cubs Convention and took a picture with him but that can never beat the moment I met BARNEY! I was tatally speechless and was just so scared! I don’t think I can ever replace that feeling of meeting him!🙂

I assure you Isabel my hopes are not up on White beating you….you at least are the FIRST Barney fan so you have that going for you. How can I root against you??? I love the way you give props to your parents, they mean everything in a child’s life. BUT how can I root against White?? Such a great person, sharp wit, always willing to beat down the one who shall remain nameless…oh my what a dilemma. OMG…what if Barney’s one and only “lady” is Baseball?
Nah!! You go girl(s)!!!

No Joey you have to pick, me or White? LOL

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