1/31 Lawyer: Marmol innocent

A lawyer for Carlos Marmol told the Chicago Tribune on Thursday that Cubs pitcher is innocent of accuations made by a 24-year-old woman in the Dominican Republic. According to ListinDiario.com, a woman filed a criminal complaint against Marmol. No police charges have been filed. Marmol’s attorney, Nelson Pimentel, told the Tribune he has filed a counter complaint, accusing the woman of trying to extort and blackmail the pitcher.

“Carlos Marmol is totally innocent of the things he is accused of,” Pimentel told the Tribune. “They never occurred. She is only trying to get money out of Carlos Marmol. It is very important for us to say the legal case against him is not true.”


Poor Marmol

I say “the poor Cubs fans” if he’s our closer for another season.

First Castro and now Marmol. I hope Marmol is innocent and not charged. Our guys need to be really careful when it comes to greedy women preying on rich players. I hope Marmol will be able to leave the D.R. in time for Spring training. He is our closer, some like it some don’t, and he did do pretty well last season after his first flubs. He does give us alot of “nerve wracking” moments though. Anyway, good luck Marmol. See you soon in Mesa.

Has anyone heard what is happening with Marmol in the D.R.? I hope he is able to get to Spring training soon and hopefully put these charges behind him.

Could be a blessing in disguise for Carlos to be detained in D.R, indefinitely. Would force the Cubs brass and field manager to find a closer who is actually efficient and effective.

Marmol had some rough spots last season BUT he did get the job done quite well when he found his groove. I hope he has a good 2013 and can put these latest troubles behind him.

Oh my gosh! There is NO JUSTICE Mamma Mia. Invite your daughter to lunch immediately and serve her your microwaved burger along with some limp microwaved fries. Up here in Oregon I myself am constantly being curtailed! With my MS the family tells me to stay away from all kitchen knives (I ignore them) as I send anything I am cutting halfway across the room in my efforts. I am also denied access to ladders (I ignore them) as I have been known to fall off more often than not. How else am I to clean off the top of the frig if I can’t find a ladder? So far I have agreed to stay off the roof to clean the gutters (can barely walk to the mailbox as it is) and I don’t climb up on chairs as my son has told my husband to remove all chairs from the house if I refuse to obey. You gotta love em!

I thought this was a baseball site.

me too jhosk… its not its a social circle jerk between an old lady, a fish, the 9th wonder of the world, and a kid from the short bus………. hahaha

And a grouch!

you guys need to watch an episode of Catfish on MTV because thats how I picture you all…. if you don’t know what that means then you would be the guy being the girl in the Te’o hoax………. lots of talk on here that is not related to the cubs….. and how is JOEY going to take care of me… he has NO POWER…

Congrats Mamma.

Mamma Mia – I truly appreciate ALL of your insights into the Cubs, their players, their chances of making the big team, any and all information that you are able to glean at Spring training and at any other time of the year. I can tell that you are a truly knowledgeable and observant person. It is a joy to be able to express our insights and opinions on this blog – when we disagree on things it is always fun to debate with others such as you and Joey and Isabel and Belgian, etc. I think we all have THE POWER to be respectful and polite to each other and to disagree at the same time. You are the best. By the way, have you had any more microwaved burgers lately? LOL

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