2/2 Baez among non-roster invitees

Javier Baez is among the 22 non-roster players invited to the Cubs’ Major League Spring Training camp, which begins Feb. 12 when pitchers and catchers hold their first formal workout in Mesa, Ariz. Position players are invited to report Feb. 16 with the team’s first full squad workout on Feb. 17.

The following 11 pitchers have been invited to Major League camp: right-handed pitchers Drew Carpenter, Jaye Chapman, Casey Coleman, Dayan Diaz, Jensen Lewis, Barret Loux, Blake Parker, Zach Putnam, Nick Struck and Cory Wade, as well as left-handed pitcher Hisanori Takahashi.

Three catchers have been invited to big league camp: J.C. Boscan, Michael Brenly and Rafael Lopez.

Five infielders have been invited to major league camp: Baez, Alberto Gonzalez, Brent Lillibridge, Edwin Maysonet and Brad Nelson.

Three outfielders have been invited to big league camp: Brian Bogusevic, Johermyn Chavez and Darnell McDonald.

— Carrie Muskat


Throw him in with our other DH Soriano to the Rays or Yankees to make the deal more appealing….??? Those two teams are looking for a DH as well as the Rangers? Berkman may breakdown….

Vogelbach isn’t going anywhere until we see more of what we got… could he be traded? SURE but its going to be in a package to get a big time talent… its just too early to tell

Good job Baez!!! :D

also what did you expect to receive for DJ and Tyler? we are lucky we got what we did for them….. they are garbage players… you expected to get something for a veteran catcher who is lazy and overweight and average defensively? O ya and he was hitting about .198… Garza will rebound if not his price and dropped enough that maybe we could extend him and keep him… we got a good prospect for Maholm at a bargain price… Vizcaino is now our top pitching prospect and top 5 overall….. you will be seeing him later this year on the Cubs pitching in the bullpen and working towards the rotation these are the type of trades we SHOULD be making … again just more ignorant talk from someone with a big mouth

I agree Mamma, GOOD CALL! We won’t get much for Sorryohno and that is IF ANY team even wants him as he truly should be limited to a DH and all GOOD teams know that. So IF traded we may have to sweeten the deal with a “vogelbach” in order to get ANY other team interested in taking him OFF OUR HANDS. I also agree with first base needing to be a good defense positon as Rizzo will supply. Derek Lee comes to mind as an all around excellent firstbaseman. Also as you probably agree…the player with limited defensive skills that a team is “stuck’ with usually gets dumped in LF, not first base…as we all know… keep up the intelligent talk!

HUH??? No one said anything about Vogelbach in LF… once again Joey rambling on about non sense…. same story different year…. I am not saying we will replace Rizzo with Vogelbach all Im trying to show you thick heads is that 1) he is not at his max value so trading him is DUMB 2) just because his draft status was DH only doesn’t mean he hasn’t thinned out and improved defensively 3) Mamma is a poser and hasn’t watched Vogelbach play 200 games… just hasn’t happened unless you were a scout even then most scouts haven’t seen him play that much.

o and one other thing…. quit saying teams don’t want Soriano… the 2 or 3 years teams have had offered trades for him but Soriano has turned them down due to his NTC… quit your whining and put your big boy pants on and realize he will be on this team until he waives his NTC… baltimore, and SanFran inquired the last 2 years and Soriano rejected… Phillies were interested this offseason and still are interested but the FO & Soriano haven’t gotten the deals done SO STOP WHINING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well which is 5’8… 5’11… 280…260… come on man pick one…. seems like you should know since you see him every day somehow……

every UP TO DATE profile has him at 6′ 250….weird!

haha ya hindsight is 20/20 there bud… when tyler got traded he was hitting .204 and K’ing 27% of the time does that sound like a big leaguer? DJ was OPSing 694 in AAA and was basically Barney but at 3B which I know Barney gets in the circle jerk on here but he is below average in everything except defense…. which eventually will get him put on the bench or traded when we acquire a good team. I am not even going to argue with you guys on that FACTS are FACTS… So trading those 2 guys you got a potential 3B replacement that COULD HAVE been above average defensively and offensively… but of course now we know that Stewart was hurt the whole time and DJ and Tyler woke up to play some good ball…… NO WAY you could have seen that coming

also I am sure you will see Vogelbach working on his defense as will you see every other player out there in Spring Training… lmk when you get his measurements because i am sure that 5’8 280#er will surprise you if you do actually get within seeing distance of him…….. but i have my doubts about that.

sorry bud your credibility is nill to me……. o are you exactly 250# too and he is bigger than you too……. stop running ur mouth… colvin was well enough to be traded and passed a physical so it couldn’t have been that life threatening……… DJ just wasn’t that good… we had Barney so what did we need another soft hitting utility man? Stewart’s ceiling is WAY higher than DJs but you are just factoring in what has happened instead of looking at the deal when it happened.

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