2/10 Cubs sign Hairston; Campana DFA

The Cubs added to their bench on Sunday, signing free agent outfielder Scott Hairston to a two-year, $5 million contract. Tony Campana was designated for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster.

Hairston batted .263 with 20 homers and 57 RBIs last season with the Mets. A right-handed hitter, he has played for the Diamondbacks, Padres, Athletics, and Mets, and has a career .247 average. Hairston could platoon in right field with left-handed hitting Nate Schierholtz. Hairston’s older brother, Jerry Jr., played for the Cubs from 2005-06.

Campana, 26, who was popular among Cubs fans because of his speed, batted .262 with nine doubles, one home run, 54 stolen bases, a .306 on-base percentage and a .300 slugging percentage in 184 games over the last two seasons.

— Carrie Muskat


I know my heart is getting in the way, but this is the first move by Theo’s regime that I’m not a fan of. Boo.

Tony Campana is one of my favorite Cubs to watch. I will miss him and hope he can make it back to our team! Watching him run the bases has been a thrill and I have loved how he wracks the nerves of the pitchers. I have been hoping so much that he would win the bunting contest so that he could get on base more often. Whatever is his next move I wish him only the best. Go Tony!!!!! You are a scrapper who will be missed.

I agree! For a lousy team such as the Cubs had last year and MAY have this year you would think Campana would have been kept for a bench role. I mean look at the competition for the bench???
I know Hairston is a huge upgrade over Campana but he is only a slight upgrade over DeJesus. And I still can’t see the reason for Schierholtz being a “must” have guy on THIS team…. A numbers game and I guess Campana didn’t have the BREAKOUT, talent, offense or superstar type of game that the other outfielders all have. NOT. DeJesus, Schierholtz and Hairston….makes you just dream about a Word Series. C’mon. Campana was completley misused last year by Sveum because he was scared of taking away from Soriano’s “stellar” season. DUH. Boo on Theo and a bigger boo on Svuem. Much better outfielders than the likes of Schierholtz and Hariston need to be added to justify Campana’s DFA. Shouldn’t we be striving for BETTER than DeJesus???

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Sorry, Joey, but Campana wasn’t misused. He didn’t deliver when called upon. Yes, he has speed, but if he doesn’t get on base, it doesn’t do him any good.

you can’t change his mind carrie…. lot of thickness to that skull…… amazing how I said Campana could be one of the guys DFA and I was ridiculed for it……….. HMMMMMMMMMMMM… weird how that happens

I agree Carrie, he did not deliver to the expectiations of Sveum WHEN CALLED UPON. If he was called upon in a more appropriate manor such as ROUTINE DEFENSIVE replacement, pinch running or sacrifice bunting (not always bunting for a single….but just to advance a runner…) he then would have delivered the goods consistantly. I realize THIS season’s team is much improved and Tony is a logical odd man out but LAST year? He was not used as he should have been. And even this year if use properly he would have remained an asset to the team, maybe more so than Sappelt (maybe) or even the new and bewilidering acquistion Nate “Mickey Mantle” Schierholtz. Campana has speed and defense and Sveum himself could have “put him on base”
a lot more as a pinch runner in close games for ANY of the underwhelming starting outfieldes. But Sveum depended on Campana to hit his way on base? Why? We don’t need THAT kind of player to hit his own way on base…we need a manage to realize by PUTTING that kind of player on base more often late in games may do more to score a run than to give the almighty Soriano one more AB in hopes of him hitting a homerun to score an important run. I have faith that Epstein is the man for HIS job but I’m not sure why any of us fans should just expect Svuem to be the best manager out there for this team. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wonders what Sandberg would have done last year…. but Hendry dropped that ball too….

campana’s defense, for how fast he is, is terrible… he gets a terrible jump almost EVERYTIME… and just having this kid on the bench to PINCH run is a WASTE of time. The reason Campana wasn’t called on to sacrifice bunt more last year? Well we were exactly in the position to sacrifice bunt ALOT so whine, cry about that all you want. I would love to see Campana on this team but if he can’t get on base at least .375 with how fast he is then he is worthless. We are talking one of the fastest guys in the game and he had a .308 OBP…… i mean WOW…. terrible!!!!! He can’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag.

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