2/11 Monday first watch

Looking ahead to the first week in Cubs camp:

* Carlos Marmol was at Fitch Park on Monday to undergo his physical and meet with manager Dale Sveum and staff. Marmol, who was charged with domestic abuse by a woman in the Dominican Republic, will give the media an update later in the day. The Cubs have investigated the matter and believe Marmol may be the victim.

“We don’t have all the information — obviously, we weren’t there — but every piece of information we were able to gather backs up Carlos’ story that he’s guilty of no wrong doing whatsoever and may in fact be the victim here if this case continues to be pursued like this,” Theo Epstein said. “All we can do is evaluate it on the merits. We do expect this matter will be behind him shortly based on the way it’s proceeding in the Dominican courts.”

* Tony Campana was designated for assignment on Sunday, but he could rejoin the team if he is not claimed by another team. Campana overcame cancer, made his debut near his hometown in Ohio, and is very popular among Cubs fans. He does have speed and the ability to create havoc on the bases. But he didn’t get on base enough — he has a .306 on-base percentage and .264 batting average.

“I think the biggest area where Tony needs to continue to work is finding a way to get on base where he can continue to use his speed,” Epstein said. “Regardless of what happens, we value his contributions, value his character and wish him the best.”

* Monday, pitchers and catchers will undergo physicals at Fitch Park with the first workout scheduled for Tuesday. Pitchers to watch include Matt Garza, coming back from an elbow injury, and Scott Baker, who had Tommy John surgery last year.

* What will be interesting to watch is who is the backup first baseman during drills once position players arrive. We’ll keep you posted.

— Carrie Muskat


Did not know Tony is a cancer survivor. Is yet another reason to admire the young man. Would like to see him remain with the organization and get with a stellar hitting instructor who perhaps can assist him with becoming better offensively.

So true. I agree wholeheartedly. With the proper instruction and use he could be a VERY GOOD
bench player. I hope he lands with a team that can utilize him in a much better way than we have seen from our own team….

I also have great admiration for Tony Campana. He IS a survivor Both he and Rizzo have had to battle cancer and have WON that battle. I would like to see Tony stay with the Cubs. If he could get on base more often he could cause a great deal of stress to the other team’s pitchers, etc. It is surprising that they are not working more with his offensive skills. I do wish him all the best and hope that he may yet be back with our Cubs.

They should have played Campana more regularly last season. Hopefully this season won’t be another year long spring training session. I do hope we keep him on. He is a crowd pleaser for sure

Yet ANOTHER Campana backer thinking he should have played more last season. The consensus is in…..he WAS misused last season. Oh well, too late now. I hope he catches on with a team that CAPITALIZES on his TALENT rather than expect Ruthian numbers. If the Cubs let him go because he “didn’t deliver the goods” then why the hell do we hang on to DeJesus, Stewart and MANY others….THEY delivered the goods? HARDLY. Campana got the shaft ala Hendry gave it to Ryno who will be managing the Phillies a year from now….

Designating Campana for assignment is one of the best moves of the year for the Cubs. I don’t care how much people love him but if Campana is good enough to be on the 40-man roster, we can look forward to another 100 loss season. A popular guy but not one who is going to lead a team forward.

He is a good candidate to be a fifth outfielder on a team like the 2013 Braves who have All-star caliber starters at all three outfield positions — the Cubs are not blessed with that luxury..

Expecting Campana to LEAD the Cubs or ANY team forward is a little unrealistic and if that is what Sveum, Theo or anybody EXPECTS from Campana that validates my point he was misused with unrealistic expectations. Your comment regarding him being a good fit on a team blessed with Allstar caliber outfielders, I certainly agree with you. For CERTAIN the Cubs are FAR from being blessed with Allstar caliber outfielders. Why Campana couldn’t be considered more valuable a bench player and remain on the 40 man roster rather than some of the current Cubs bench outfielders is still questionable. Don’t you think between DeJesus, Schierholtz, and Hairston there is a shared “mediocrity” and when one of them is on the bench as they will be…. they certainly won’t be a late inning running or bunting weapon.

pinch running will not win you that many games… it may produce a winning run but the batter still has to make contact to get the baserunner in. Why would you take up a bench spot for someone whose main asset (and possibly only asset) is baserunning? Doesn’t make much sense to me and I would think all you worried about spending money on players would be crying a river bc his only asset is his speed/baserunning….

Mamma, since when does a batter HAVE to make contact to get a blazing fast, base stealing WEAPON to score a run? I know you can’t possibley agree with such narrow-minded thinking. If Campana was PLACED on first by a smart manager, let’s say to pinch run for oh…SORIANO…he couldn’t steal second? Then third? Then either steal home or score on a wild pitch or passed ball or a balk? Hmmmm….don’t need the bat to leave the batters shoulder in some cases such as this. He was misused and under appreciated. Here’s hoping Campana landw on a WINNING team that will capitalize on his talents and nurture them.

Where is the poser Mamma Mia???!?! I got a link I want you to look at…. http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2013/2/9/3968330/dan-vogelbach-video-cubs-fantasy-camp-report ….. how could you have missed this being you see and talk to the guys EVERY DAY…….. HAAHA YOU ARE A POSER!!!!!!! Vogelbach looks to be in the 230-240 range in this video and it was taken… wait for it… wait for it…. FEB 9th!!!!!! HMMMMMMMMMMM WEIRD!!!!!!!!

Mamma Mia is probably having a wonderful day watching all the Cubs team arrive for Spring Training! For those of us who cannot be there I hope Mamma Mia will keep us posted on what is happening down there. Meet em and greet em Mamma Mia. Have fun!

haha im sure he can make something up White


awww poor guy can’t stand out in the cold? How bout that Vogelbach huh?? HAHAHA

Mamma Mia – did you not get a flu shot? Tsk. Sorry about the weather. Can they still have the bunting contest with wind etc.? I am really really sad that Tony Campana won’t be at Wrigley. Not only is he a hoot to watch run the bases but I do think he contributed to some wins with his prowess. Just as Marmol gives us heart attacks when he is pitching – he also gave us wins. Stay warm and healthy. And speaking of weather my sister lives in Lyme, CT They got over 3 ft. of snow, have no power. They have 50 acres where they board Percheron horses for neighbors. It took hours and hours to get to the barn to feed the horses. So I guess we can’t complain too much! LOL

campana can still come back to the cubs and wrigley…. he’s not dead… he just needs to accept a minor league deal and put some work in.

I do hope he can come back! He is a survivor and a scrapper! I’m not ready to give up on him. Go Tony!

My feelings are the opposite. I hope to never see him in a Cub uniform again. If we are going to win, we must have better players than Tony Campana!!!!

Although I like Campana and think he would be a very good bench player IF USED PROPERLY…I will agree with Jim that we must have better players than Tony Campana…..I might add we would have to have much better players than Stewart, Soriano (PLAYER, I didn’t say home run hitter…), DeJesus, Schierholtz, Sappelt etc. etc. Campana no doubt would not have been THE reason the Cubs would add to their victory column but he COULD have been A reason. It’s all moot as the roster stands now this team will see almost a complete overhaul before contending anyway so the “loss” of Campana is more emotional than logical. Still, the team certainly will miss his speed as his departure leaves NO LEGIT BASE STEALING THREAT.

I don’t know if you have heard of him but we got this kid thats pretty good… pretty fast… an all star last year… his name is Starlin Castro… but yes I agree we need more speed on this team. A true leadoff man would be nice but now that Bourn is signed that won’t happen this offseason. How Barney can’t steal very many bases just amazes me…

Actually Castro is NOT a particularly good base runner which is something his coaches have stated he needs to work on. He hesitates on the way to 1st base and continually looks behind him as he runs to other bases. It has also been stated by Cubs coaches that Barney is one of their best base runners. You might want to check your facts.

that wasn’t the point I made… he is a LEGIT base stealing THREAT…….. nice try… continue on

Agree White, he’s not a good base runner -.- Haha

Haha…White you’re funny..he just doesn’t know right?๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Isabel – glad to hear from you. Are you as excited as I am for the games to begin? Maybe Petrey hasn’t watched enough games to see how poorly Castro runs the bases. Speaking of base runners, I am going to miss Tony Campana’s running like a bunny around the bases. I guess they had to do what they did but I will miss him. He is a scrapper.

Your are correct AGAIN White. Way to go, glad to see you back up the widley accepted consensus that Castro’s base running skills are lacking and even if he improves his style of baserunning, he will NOT be the prototypical basestealing threat (WEAPON!) that Campana is.
I am so glad to be in the majority along with you and Isabel. Barney is a great baserunner yet he too is not the base STEALING threat this team had in Campana and in no way should Barney’s BASE RUNNING excellence be compared to BASE STEALING talent…. except I suppose by those who are not that well educated regarding Barney’s abilities. Pretty typical of the Cubs (I was hoping for a BETTER mindset with Theo….) to let Campana go because he is not Ricky Hendeson, trading Colvin because he is not Mickey Mantle…and we have what to show for their departure? A slow bench and Stewart and his possible 2 million dollar salary? Yeesh. No surprise they don’t hold Soriano to higher standards, why not cut him as he is no Wille Mays… ? They expect too much too soon from the likes of the young guys such as Colvin and Campana yet they are satisfied with the inadequate all around performance of Soriano, DeJesus, Stewart, Schieroltz etc.


why not cut him? because you get no value and you still have to pay him his money… you bitch about wasting money all day long and then you want to just flat out cut Soriano especially when he legitimately has value but your thick skull can’t comprehend that

Hey White, I am so glad YOU are intelligent enough to understand my comment about cutting Soriano was only to accentuate a point and not that the Cubs would actually be BETTER by cutting him….at least not until Theo acquires a LEGIT outfielder (much better than DeJesus or Schieroholtz PLEASE). You are a pleasure to reply to and I appreciate your sharp wit and courteous comments!!

Also when did I say Castro was a good base runner? I said he was a legit base stealing threat… way to put words in my mouth dumbasses.

I reread your statement Petrey – you did say he was a legit base stealing threat! I stand corrected. But please don’t call us dumbasses just because your statement was misunderstood.

sorry when i jumped all over for people misreading my statements thats what going to happen….

You should not be so hasty to correct yourself. “Legt base runner” was not stated prior to your comment, only afterwards….It might have been the jerk’s point but what was stated regarding Castro’s speed was “pretty fast” NOT legit base stealing threat (until AFTER you commented) so…YOU ARE CORRECT YET AGAIN WHITE!!! NICE COMMENT.

and where did i say that joey… anything else you would like to make up out of thin air?

and yes legit base runner WAS stated before my comment by your dumbass on the 12th at 3:03pm…. then I replied to you dumb comment at 3:17pm…. sorry you can’t read… maybe thats why you comment are so RETARDED……. how bout joeytheretard… no need to give fish a bad name

White, stand firm. THIS blog was dated 2/11 as in the headline, 2/12 is the day after. I guess dates are hard to read for some people. But as far as THIS headline and comments YOU need not stand corrected.

What are Grace’s duties at the Snakes’ facility? Is he a hitting instructor? Is painful to hear one of my all-time favorite Cubs has hit bottom and is a prisoner. Another example of how an addiction can subdue anyone from any walk of life.

What is that Vogelbach business about? I have no clue.

Mamma said he has seen 150-200 games of Vogelbach and that he is no lighter than 270…. o and he is 5’8 instead of 6’…. well i obviously called BS on this and found a video with him showing up to camp this year around the 230-240 range… and definitely over 5’8… and all of his pages show him at 6′ 250 but SOME HOW the great and glorious Mamma Mia just knows he is 5’8 270 and can’t play a lick of defense bc he has seen Vogelbach play 150-200 games….. IM CALLING BS!!!!! BS FLAG HAS BEEN THROWN!!!

This debate seems like a moot point to me. Vogelbach’s weight and height? Who cares. I just care about whether he can play baseball. or not. It sounds like his weight changes all the time and can you really tell exactly how tall someone is to the exact inch? I can’t. Further, the weight these guys carry is ALL MUSCLE which makes it even harder to determine their real weight by just looking at them. I think Mamma Mia probably has the best estimate since he sees Vogelbach in person.

haha but he DOESN’T!!! haha ridiculous…

mamma you got a good view across 14th street there or some other street?

Petrey you know how ignorant you sound? If you don’t care about what Mama or any of us talk about then why don’t you just not commment? It’s your choice and none of us are telling you to tell us your opinion…and obviously no one else really cares what you say but still I’m reading through the comments and you sound really dumb and…well mean. And I want to say good job to everyone else for ignoring Petrey and his dumb remarks.

haha ok ….. haha

You make all us courteous, non profanity using commentors proud Isabel!!!
Ignoring him IS bliss!!๐Ÿ™‚ Now, time to do just that for MOST of us…

Haha oh Joey!๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry…that was pretty rude of me, but I just got fed up with everything you’ve been saying.

that was not rude at all…. I thought you were actually still kind of nice to that little boy… I haven’t been posting much lately just so I wouldn’t write down all the bad words I learned over the past 41 years in just 1 post….
BTW, how’s the Barney Challenge going?

Hey Belgian – Welcome back. I bet I know more bad words than you do! With my MS when I fall down or trip or drop something or whatever I can use words that you may not ever have heard of! LOL Isabel and I haven’t been yellin’ at each other too much lately. I don’t know if she has already conceded that I am the winner or if she is just being polite to the “elderly”. Barney is looking good. He worked out all winter and gained weight so he is set for a fabulous year! Be in touch more often!

Now that I think of it…. I might haven’t heard all those words… in English at least…. lucky enough we have 3 official languages in my country so I can tap into that well of sweet nice words for that “vervelende rotjochie”๐Ÿ™‚

No I’m just waiting for the contest to start so I can start my smack talk๐Ÿ™‚ haha. Hope your ready White! lol

Not rude at all. You remain a true sweatheart, even apologizing to HIM….

Yes Isabel – you are a sweetheart! We all sure do love you- BUT – I am still going to win!

Isabel, did you see the article in today’s SunTimes? Barney is stating that he is working on his hitting to be more of a “complete” ball player. What a guy!! Imagine that….a complete ball player…something the Cubs could use more of in various postions, especially the outfield!!
Go Barney!!!

Thanks for saying Im a sweetheart๐Ÿ™‚ But I haven’t been home yet. I will see it later today though!๐Ÿ˜€

Is good to know Barney recognizes the need to improve his offensive production. He was limited in that department last season. Am eager to know what modifications he’s made in his approach and so look forward to positive results. If his offense can become stellar, that in combination with his defensive prowess, will indeed make him a complete player.

It is very interesting to hear about how the players modify their batting. So many variables are involved – changing stances, changing bat weights, changing eye contact, etc.etc. It seems to be such a trial and error process. Barney is much stronger and bulkier than he was last year so it will be interesting to see if that adds to the formula.

This is the longest thread I’ve ever been privileged to partake in. White, I’m impressed with your analytical skills. Yes, there are many variables at play when one breaks down a batter’s approach, and yes, also , is often a matter of hit and miss. Getting it right can be oh so critical. Can mean the difference between playing in the Show, or resulting in struggling in the minors.

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