2/13 Wednesday first watch

* It’s Day 2 of pitchers and catchers in Cubs camp. Matt Garza, Edwin Jackson, Jeff Samardzija and Carlos Marmol are among the pitchers scheduled to throw bullpen sessions Wednesday at Fitch Park. Samardzija says Jackson has fit right in and likes the right-hander’s approach.

“He’s one of those guys — you look at Garza and a couple other dudes — and they really don’t put too much into contracts or what the expectations are,” Samardzija said. “It’s just go out, get your work in kind of guys and that’s definitely Edwin to the max. He’s probably in [the workout room] now with his headphones on, getting his lower workout in, getting ready to start the day. It’s just another day for him. I think with all three of us being close guys and you throw in [Scott] Baker, [Scott] Feldman and [Travis Wood], we have a nice core group of guys who definitely get along well and are comfortable discussing outings and future outings. I’m excited to have different guys to bounce things off of for sure.”

* Brent Lillibridge reported Wednesday. A non-roster invitee, he played for the White Sox, Red Sox and Indians last year, and combined to bat .195.

— Carrie Muskat


Hope the weather is kinder today! There is a big debate on another site about whether Samardzija should cut his hair!!!! HaHa. I love his flowing mane! What do you all think?

.195??? Are you sure Koyie Hill isn’t trying to sneek into camp disguised as Lillibridge? And we DFA’d Campana because he didn’t “deliver the goods” as if Lillibridge has any goods to deliver, yet he is actually INVITED to contend for a bench spot??? OMG. Tough to explain the concept of what “goods” are, I guess.

guess mama is to busy talking and coaching all the players to post anything… at least we know Vogelbach has dropped significant weight again…

I am sure that Mamma Mia is talking with the players and gleaning lots of interesting tidbits to relay to those of us who can’t be there. I am sure he will post as soon as he is able. Love getting all the news!

maybe in his fantasy land… don’t get ur hopes up

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