2/14 Thursday first watch

* Anthony Rizzo doesn’t know his exact schedule yet regarding the World Baseball Classic. The Cubs’ first baseman will be playing for Team Italy, which is in the same pool as the U.S. team, Canada and Mexico. Italy’s first game is March 7 against Mexico at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale. Italy will then play Canada on March 8, and face the U.S. on March 9. The Italian team has yet to name a manager.

* The Cubs would like to play more night games but the topic has been tabled. The team currently plays 30 night games out of the 81 home dates. Alderman Tom Tunney, who represents the Wrigley area, did not bring up the topic at Wednesday’s City Council meeting, preferring to have the Cubs address parking, traffic and security issues in the Wrigleyville neighborhood.

“Me, personally, I like the day games,” Rizzo said. “It’s the routine I get in at home. I feel night games would throw me off a little bit. But if there are more night games, I’d get into that routine. I personaly like the day games.”

Does he see the ball better at night at Wrigley?

“I don’t think I’ve played enough games to state my opinion yet,” he said. “It doesn’t matter, day or night, it’s still baseball.’

Rizzo batted .257 at night last season and .312 in day games.

* Tony Campana has yet to find a new team after being designated for assignment on Sunday. Rizzo said the move may benefit the outfielder.

“I think it’ll be good, a fresh start,” Rizzo said. “I just told him to keep his head up. He’s a good player. He’ll be successful.”

Campana, moved to make room on the roster for Scott Hairston, is fast, but has had trouble getting on base consistently to utilize his speed.

“I can think of teams in my head right away who could bring him in,” Rizzo said. “I think right now, our team isn’t a fit for him. We need more power than speed.”

* Dayan Diaz reported to camp on Thursday. The only pitcher missing is Hector Rondon, who has been delayed because of visa problems. He was expected in Mesa on Friday. Position players must report by Saturday. So far, the list of players yet to arrive include Javier Baez, Starlin Castro, Junior Lake, Ian Stewart, Luis Valbuena, Josh Vitters, Jorge Soler and Alfonso Soriano.

— Carrie Muskat


I know the Cubs have a lot of prospects coming up, but Campana can flat out run… Wherever he ends up, they will be getting a playmaker on the base paths.

I agree. Campana will hopefully find a team that can utilize his amazing speed. He needs to be able to get on base more often in order to run those bases – I think he will work on that aspect of his game. Good luck to Tony!

Me too! Gotta love the Tony fans!!

ya some AAA team is sure going to be happy

“The cubs would like to play more NIGHT games……”
Anybody know if the WBC is only going to be televised on MLB Network?


You’d think they would want to work on improving the fastest man in the organization and TRY to get him to be at least a valuable bench player (as stated by Paul Sullivan in today’s Trib and he’s dead on) if not a platoon player instead of giving up on HIM and DFA’ing him…. but I suppose the HUGE talent pool of DeJesus, Schieroltz, Hairston, Jackson and Sappelt is just TOO AWE-INSPIRING to Sveum, Theo and Jed. Not to mention the BRIILLIANT AND OVERALL SKILL OF THE ONE AND ONLY, SUPER SORIANO AND HIS SPARKLING SMILE…..Barf…. Out of that bunch I put the most faith and hope in Hariston and at 32 years old with his injury history could he be a huge run producer? Not likely, more so he’ll join the ranks of Byrd, DeJesus etc and just be middle of the road. But still, he offers more hope of run production than DeJesus ever did.

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I agree completely, Campana is an electrifying player on the bases. Losing him looks like a big mistake to me. When was the last time the Cubs had someone steal thirty bases in half a season, Lou Brock?

Add another huge Campana fan to our list! Perfect description, Mamma Mia. He can disrupt the entire other team just by getting on base and, as we all know, is the best base stealer and runner the Cubs had. Why they let him go I do not understand. I do know he had to get on base in order to use his skills but I agree that working on his hitting skillls more would have been a better option than letting him go. I wonder if there is any miracle chance that he can make it back to us.

Mamma Mia – Please, please, please will you adopt me????? I promise to behave myself (i.e. not argue with Isabel, etc.) I don’t eat much (weigh 118), You can just hang me over the edge of that 8 ft. fence and I will watch it all! I do have a birthday coming up on Feb. 24th (77 yrs) and all I would ask for is a cupcake with a candle. You are so so lucky! Let me know if I can make my reservations! LOL

I feel so vindicated knowing you guys are on board with Tony! The hell with the number one naysayer!! If the Cubs roster were LOADED with AWESOME talent I could understand Tony being the odd man out but….have you noticed our outfield and bench are NOT very talented? How on earth can this human stolen base not be considered in the very least WORTH KEEPING AND HELPING? And I can’t even blame Hendry!!! HE was willing to FIX Miltion Bradley and Theo isn’t willing to “FIX” one of the fastest, CHEAPEST, energetic, exciting, HOME GROWN, CANCER SURVIVING ball players??? THIS IS UNBECOMING ALL THAT IS “CUB”!!! I truly hope that Campana lands with a contending team and we see him steal a base that leads to a winning run in the playoffs!!!!! Really.

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