2/16 Fresh start

On Sunday, the Cubs will hold the first full squad workout and manager Dale Sveum will address the team. There will be no mention of last season, Sveum said. There’s no need to remind the players that the Cubs are coming off a season in which they lost 101 games.

“The bottom line is last year is last year and we have so many different players, a year under all our belts, and the players as well,” Sveum said Saturday. “Some of the young guys who didn’t perform as well last year, you can already tell the maturity in them from the ups and downs of last year to where there’s no need to bring anything up about last year.

“Last year, you stay away from talking about that,” Sveum said. “It’s all about 2013 and tomorrow starts full squad and it’s all about the hard work and preparation and doing the right things in 2013.”

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts will speak to the players as well.

— Carrie Muskat


I totally agree with Sveum’s “Look Forward” mentality. Dwelling on past failures does nothing but paralyze one’s present actions. If I were to dwell on every mistake or loss I have had in my 76 yrs. I would curl up in a ball and do nothing more. Learning from our mistakes is good, dwelling on them is a negative force causing more errors. I hope all the players have their heads turned to the future 2013 season with 2012 only a dim memory of what-ifs or maybes. These guys have it in them to excel.
Go Rizzo, Castro, Barney, Stewart, Soriano, DeJesus and all of you wearing the Cub’s uniform.

Right….so…..NEXT season….they will learn from…DFA’ng Campana…..? I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’….

Can you tell what time they will hit the practice fields today(Sunday)? …. roughly?

A previous post said about 11 AM, Sunday. Carrie, since Dempster is gone, has the annual jog up Camelsback mountain now ended or did someone else take it over?

Players meeting at 11 am. Workout to follow

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