2/17 Orange crush

About halfway through Dale Sveum’s speech prior to the first full squad workout on Sunday, the players started to take off their jackets to reveal bright orange hunting gear tops. Then, they put on the orange caps.

“Of course, they gave me one with a target on it,” Sveum said, chuckling.

The quick clothing change was a humorous response to Sveum being accidentally shot by Hall of Famer Robin Yount while the two were quail hunting in Arizona before the Winter Meetings. Sveum was hit in the ear and back.

Cubs pitcher Matt Garza thought the orange crush helped ease things on the first day.

“Guys laughed it off and Skip laughed it off,” Garza said. “I think it was a good icebreaker for a bunch of guys. I think it loosened the tone in there, loosened the feeling going on. Everybody’s first meeting, they’re a little nervous. Good one, whoever did it.”

It helped that Sveum took it well.

“He was laughing,” Garza said. “That’s always good. When the person who gets it is laughing, it’s good. If you get a mean face, it’s probably not the move you want to make.”

“It was actually funny,” Sveum said of the players. “All of a sudden, people are taking their jackets off, and it was like, OK, cool.”

— Carrie Muskat


Was Robin Yount trying to emulate Dick Cheney when he did that dumbass thing? I can think of much more admirable people to pattern oneself after other than our clueless former VP.

Sounds like you don’t like Cheney very much? Would you have thought him not clueless or not a dumbass if he was trying to take out Bush? I think the whole orange thing is a juvenile attempt at bonding for a bunch of overpaid athletes that think they need to “relax” from all the “stress” that comes with PLAYING BASEBALL…..for LOT’S OF MONEY, most of which is GUARANTEED. How about they just go about dealing with the stress of their “job” like most of us do and JUST PERFORM? Like most of them have to worry about retirement….right. Sounds more like a summer camp than a spring training camp. Not fair to Shawn Camp…. Gettin’ a little worried about Sveum after the DFA of Campana and after his comments regarding Stewart and Valbuena being the answers to third base. I wonder if they would consider Hariston at third when
Stewart fails to produce?

That is an intelligent suggestion, joey. Did not know that Hairston is that versatile; i.e. he has experience playing in both outfield and infield.

Great fun! Sveum is a good sport and probably enjoyed the “Orange Crush” shirts and hats as much as anybody. Wonder who came up with such a fun idea. Perfect way to start the season – relax with some real fine humor.Now the real work begins. I predict a super season.

I wish I could share your optimism White if not your crystal ball but I think the only way THIS current team especially with the current outfield to have a super season is if another “clown” gets everybody red capes in June to coincide withe the theatrical release of “Man Of Steal”.

Joey – I can tell that you are really upset and angry about the way things are going and I am sorry for your pain. I am by nature an optimistic person and I cannot see that being pessimistic about anything in life has ever resulted in any successful ventures. That being said I also do occasionly have doubts about certain players, wish that others had been retained and others traded and can be as angry as a wet hen when things aren’t going the way I would want them to. Joey, I really really believe these guys are working their hardest to become the best players they can be and I think that the “Orange Crush” joke was timely and hilarious. One of the most important elements of a good team is that the players work together seamlessly and bond securely. I don’t think their few minutes of joking on Sveum is going to detract from their mission. Do you? (And by the way, I think Barney would look good in orange with his black hair and eyes LOL) This, I think, was a good move toward bonding with new players and welcoming them to Mesa. I am sure that as Mamma Mia watches the events today he is seeing a ton of hard working guys aiming for perfection. Joey, I admire you tremendously and I hope you have a great day. My crystal ball says you will!!!! LOL

Oops! I spelled occasionally wrong! Mia Culpa.

Well my crystal ball didn’t work out so well today. We have lost Tony Campana to the Dbacks. Bad news. Dang! Darn! I also see that Barney almost took Smarj out this morning with a linebacker. Don’t do that Dar! I wish Campana all the best and will miss him.

White, I thank you for your sincerety. I think the Cubs players should have shown a little more restraint and saved the hilarious, hi-jinks, bonding jokes for AFTER they become a much better team. I guess I would prefer to see a little more serious effort in correcting what is widley acceptec as one of the worst runs at a championship EVER.I am an optimistic person yet I am glad that I have completley seperated sports and my beloved Cubs from the real issues facing my life and the lives of those around me. There are only a few Cubs players that are young enough and dedicated enough to actually become better players. Soriano, DeJesus, Schierholtz, Stewart, and maybe even Garza are pretty much are who they are. I am optimistic that Castro, Barney, Rizzo, Castillo may improve by leaps and bounds but until the Cubs can deliver at least a run at the playoffs they should STICK TO BUSINESS, at least in the eyes of the media and fans instead of making the story about hi-jinks and how ther are overcoming “pressure” and bonding etc. etc. PLAY BALL….like we fans deserve to see…

A linebacker? White, did I say that?

No you didn’t say that! I get my terms messed up. Sorry, Carrie. I forget what it is called but am glad Smarj got out of the way. Thanks for catching my error. LOL

HAHA that’s funny🙂

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