2/18 Phillips felt ‘punk’d’

Cincinnati’s Brandon Phillips apparently does not like to lose. The Cubs’ Darwin Barney beat out Phillips for the Gold Glove award as the top NL second baseman, and the Reds infielder is bitter.

“They picked who they picked,” Phillips told Reds reporters when asked about being snubbed from the All-Star game and Gold Glove. “Do I feel I should have gotten both of those things? Of course. I feel like I’m one of the best second basemen in the game. I’m at least in the top three. I can’t make people vote for me on the All-Star team. I can’t make myself win the Gold Glove, even though I should have. When I didn’t win, I was surprised. I wasn’t mad at all, but surprised. I thought I got ‘punk’d.'”

— Carrie Muskat


Last year Phillips got punked by a better fielding 2nd Baseman. Well said Mr Phillips.

Barney earned the GG and well done. It was nice to see that he accepted his award with modesty and as a gentleman. He is a class act. Punk you Phillips.

Awwww poor wittle baby, didn’t win now he gonna cry, boo-hoo.

Mr Phillips needs a good dose of Humility, perhaps followed up by a shot of Sportsmanship – neither of which would hurt him and may, in fact, make him a bit less detestable.



Sorry Phillips! haha

Hi Isabel – How you doing? You don’t need to apologize to Phillips. Barney won fair and square and Phillips is just not very gracious or sportsmanlike. I read today that Barney will actually receive his GG before April 13th and that the 1st 10,000 fans at the game on April 13th will get a replica of his GG. You better get your ticket and get there early!

Hi White – Well we both know he deserves it too!

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