2/19 Garza update

An MRI showed Cubs pitcher Matt Garza has a mild lat strain on his left side, and he will be shut down for at least one week to make sure he’s pain free. GM Jed Hoyer said the problem area is where Garza’s lat and oblique meet.

“It’s safe to say it pushes back his first CL start and what it means for the regular season, it’s clearly much too early to say,” Hoyer said. “We felt [the MRI results were] really good news. It is a mild strain and we do think it’ll be about a week until he should be pain free based on the MRI.

“Matt’s in good spirits and he felt much better yesterday,” Hoyer said. “We’re optimistic and it was certainly a positive read from our standpoint.”

Garza, who was facing batters for the first time since July 21, ended what was supposed to be a 40-pitch session after 20 because of discomfort in his left side. He missed the latter part of last season with a right elbow injury.

— Carrie Muskat


Sounds like the Spring Training stories of Kerry Wood all over again. Every Spring some minor injury. Something for the fans to wonder and worry about.
Garzas FA season, is he afraid to pitch this year because he wont get a huge contract? If he doesnt pitch and has minor injuries all year, will he get a huge contract?
The only value he has to the Cubs is this year.
This guy is very bad for morale, he is not a good example for the youngsters and this fan is already fed up with his minor complaints. Pitch or leave.

Have you ever had a lat strain? I don’t think that can be called a minor complaint. As for morale I would imagine that all his team is pulling for him to heal well, get this behind him and be back on the mound soon.

Of course they are. Success takes the best 25 guys. Just remember Wood EVERY year.
Its a downer for the TEAM and fans. Stop crying.

How can you say Garza is bad for morale? He is always on the top step to cheer his team on, whether he is pitching or not. He loves to play the game.

No doubt he loves the game, not saying that. Lets say you own a shop, your paying a guy who does great work, but hes always calling in sick and you have to pay him sick leave. The other guys depend on his knowledge and leadership, but you have to call for someone to fill in.
So now, not only are you paying a guy who is not there, but you have to pay a replacement, plus you lost your leader.
What I am saying is Garza is getting paid millions, if the guy is that tender and always hurt, at least we fans only have another year of his crying and sensitivity.
The Cubs lose because he is not doing his job. Plus, if he is not doing his job and always getting hurt. He will be worthless come trade time.

Jasper, Garza was at the Cubs facility today working out on the elliptical machine. If his lat was that bad, I don’t think he would’ve been doing that. He stayed with the team last season after injuring his elbow. Tender? I’d say cautious. It’s early, his arm is healthy (which is most important) so let’s see how this plays out.

Carrie, we have no choice but to let it play out. Just very very disappointed as you can tell. It seems Cub fans have to go through this with a star pitcher every ST. Garza is needed for the Cubs to do anything this year.

Carrie, also I am very excited at what Hoyer and Epstein are doing. Every trade, a pitching prospect or two. 18 Pitchers signed in last years Draft, after selecting the best player available in Almora.
I look forward to the Spring Training where there is so much competition for jobs, that if someone gets hurt: Management can just say no problem, take a few weeks off, when you get to feeling better, let us know. Then players will realize, maybe we better be in shape and all stretched out, ready to do our jobs and make our Millions when ST starts.
Fans wont have to worry about the season when a Wood, Prior or now Garza strains a muscle. There will be someone just as good or better ready to step in for them.

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