2/21 Bunt tourney – UPDATED

Scott Hairston, Logan Watkins, Ian Stewart and Anthony Rizzo advanced in Thursday’s first-round bunt tournament matches for the position players. Among the pitchers, Scott Baker, Chris Rusin and Hisanori Takahashi moved on. Matt Garza’s match vs. Zach Putnam was delayed. Garza is sidelined with a strained lat, and so far, has a medical exemption. After Thursday’s intrasquad game, Dale Sveum said strength coach Tim Buss would sub for Garza in the tourney. Buss was the other finalist in the front office round.

Watkins totaled 670 points with an impressive display, and Sveum dubbed him “the DeJesus of this year.” David DeJesus won the inaugural event last year.

Here are Friday’s first-round matchups:

David DeJesus vs. Jorge Soler

Darwin Barney vs. Junior Lake

Starlin Castro vs. Matt Szczur

Alfonso Soriano vs. Rafael Lopez

Casey Coleman vs. Barret Loux

Shawn Camp vs. Robert Whitenack

Edwin Jackson vs. Trey McNutt

Carlos Marmol vs. Nick Struck

Strength coach Tim Buss vs. Zach Putnam

— Carrie Muskat



Wait a minute….WAIT A MINUTE! Sounds like somebody is squeezin’ in on Barney’s turf???

Hey Joey, My chances with Barney are looking better and better every day aren’t they! Isabel is a young woman who needs to explore her options and that’s good! HaHa

β€’The Yankees would not give up a good prospect to acquire Alfonso Soriano, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reports (on Twitter). Heyman suggests the Yankees would pay $10MM of the $36MM remaining on the left fielder’s contract. Soriano has indicated he’d consider trades to a group of six or seven teams, including the Yankees. WOO HOO!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NEVER. Remember that Barney=FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIMES and Baez=FAVORITE PROSPECT. Okay?πŸ™‚ And by the way Joey you’re Barney’s turf?..Nope he doesn’t have to worry, Barney has it all covered!πŸ™‚

Can’t wait for inter-league and intra-league play to commence so that we do not need to hear about bunting tourneys and other such nonsense. All that is child’s play and meant for wusses. Bring on the real baseball contests. It begins Saturday, does it not?

bunting is for wusses? maybe.. but its a fundamental of the game and something that is needed so why not have everyone practice it so we don’t look like a bunch of rejects out there when we are trying to bunt someone into scoring position

baseball is supposed to be fun….

The practice is needed, yes…the pomp and silliness does seem a bit contrived and there just for show. I agree, PRACTICE ALL THEY CAN….but shut up about it? Speak softly yet carry a bunting bat???πŸ™‚

That’s funny Joey! You are a hoot. LOL

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