2/22 Stewart to get MRI

Ian Stewart had an MRI Friday on his left leg to determine the extent of the injury. Stewart came up sore after hitting a double in Thursday’s intrasquad game.

“I hadn’t run the bases in a long time,” Stewart said Friday. “It’s sore today and I’m going to get an MRI real quick just for precautionary reasons, just to do everything we can to make sure it’s OK. It feels sore today and I’m going to take it easy for a couple days and get some treatment and go from there.”

Stewart missed most of last season after undergoing surgery on his left wrist. The double felt good — but getting hurt quickly changed his mood.

“It felt so good and so bad at the same time,” Stewart said of his hit. “I’m just glad it has nothing to do with my wrist and all the work I put in there, and that that’s OK.”

Stewart was injured when he ran from the dirt to the grass rounding first. And his wrist?

“It felt great,” he said. “It was not nearly as good as your first hit in the big leagues, but you realize how much you can lose by being out that long for an injury and stuff and it felt like it was my first year back in camp and playing in a big league game again even though it was just Spring Training and intrasquad. It was very important for me to come out and do that.”

The Cubs expected results from the MRI on Saturday.

— Carrie Muskat


This doesn’t bode well for the beginning of the season at 3rd. I have been eagerly awaiting the games to see how Stewart will do after his wrist surgery and now this! It sounds as if just a few days treatment will take care of this injury BUT what if such injuries keep happening during the season? What a coincidence that both Stewart and Vitters got the same injuries yesterday. Hoping for the best!

“I hadn’t run the bases in a long time,” White…is this what we want to hear from a player that is on the verge of losing his job? Wouldn’t you think he would have been been running the bases throughout the winter while rehabbing his WRIST…you know, might as well keep the legs in shape?

haha i highly doubt that mamma…. unbelievable… every post is this player told me this and this coach told me that….. please show me the date and post where you said “we would find out this is a bad deal and stewart was never truthful”…. do you really think Theo went to Stewart and asked,”stewart are you healthy?” and stewart replied, ” YES NOT A PROBLEM” and Theo took his word for it? Stewart had a physical by Cubs Dr…. those Dr’s thoroughly checked stewart out… they even checked out his past injuries from the xrays to scans… the Dr. must have given him a clean bill of health for Theo to make the deal. If you wanna blame someone blame the Dr’s not stewart not Theo…

Release Stewart, send Vitters to AAA and play Valbuena at 3rd. Stewarts contract is non guaranteed, let him go.

Yep, that saves 2 million, cuts to the chase, improves the defense at third. Unfortunatley that may be the most logical choice, still leaving us with an inadequate run producing player in a run producing postion. So we might as well go with Valbuena’s assured defense and light run production keeping the postion warm for….Baez? Castro? Lake? or even better… Cano?

he very well may be cut after this…. he has to start to feel the pressure to produce otherwise kick him to the curb

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