2/24 Extra bases

* Darwin Barney and Starlin Castro will be using custom designed Wilson gloves this year, which Barney created. The gloves have the players’ signatures stitched in red and there is Cubs blue trim. Barney said he didn’t add any gold in honor of him winning his first Gold Glove trophy.

“We don’t have gold in our team colors,” he said. “[Castro] and I wanted the same colors.”

The Gold Glove award is sponsored by Rawlings, and Barney will not have a patch or anything else on his glove.

“People know,” he said. “We don’t need to remind them.”

* So far, Jorge Soler and Javier Baez have held their own early in camp.

“Like I keep saying, Soler keeps showing more and more poise at the plate,” Dale Sveum said of the Cubs two top prospects. “He’s not a premeditated swinger for a young guy. He gets a good look at the ball before he swings the bat. They’re impressive. Baez gets the guy over, hits a missile to right field, does a nice job at shortstop. So far, they’re living up to the hype a little bit.”

* If you’re traveling to Glendale on Monday for the Cubs game against the Dodgers, here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 2B
Barney DH
Schierholtz RF
Hairston CF
Nelson 1B
McDonald LF
Castillo C
Lake 3B
Gonzalez SS

* Video staffer Nate Halm beat reliever James Russell on Sunday in the second round of the Cubs bunting tournament. Also advancing was bullpen catcher Andy Lane, Edwin Maysonet and Travis Wood.

* Rafael Dolis apparently is the designated time keeper. When he went onto the field for the pre-game stretch, he was wearing a large clock around his neck on a chain. At least he wasn’t late.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi, Carrie…I heard you today on internet radio. I hope you will make more appearances during the spring. Regards – Bruce from Brazil

I agree Carrie – I heard you too and hope you will visit alot during the season. You keep us so well informed on all the events. Thank you. And, yes, I will remind you that I know what a “comebacker” is now. I still need to know what a “cutter” is for a pitcher. LOL

Whoo that’s awesome Barney! Love you! #1 fan right here!🙂 haha

Oh Isabel – give it up!! Today is my 77th birthday and I want to be #1 for my present! I got a ton of presents, and cupcakes, and fancy cookies, and apple pie and flowers and a ton of cards and so many phone calls my ear hurts BUT what I really want is to be Barney’s #1 fan. Please, please. I like the way Castro and Barney work together and will have the same glove, etc. Team spirit! Nite

Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITE!!! It sure would be NICE of the SWEET Isabel if she would grant you the status of #! Barney Fan Of The Day….for your birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITE!!!!😀 Sorry but giving you that is like me giving into the little game we have going on! I would because you know how I am, but a competition is a competition! And I won’t lose, especially this big thing in my life! Sorry White:/ But I have to win! But I do wish you a very happy birthday!😀 …please don’t be mad…!




Yes! Sorry!🙂 Are you mad at me? Please don’t be!

MAD MAD MAD MAD!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! HaHa. Nobody could ever be mad at you Isabel. Just too much fun to pull your chain now and then. You are a delight. Looks like it is going to be a long season for you and me. I promise to fight fair and not call you any mean names(maybe just a little mean name) HaHa. Ready, set, GO! Love ya.

Oh I’m ready! And it will be a long season for YOU! Haha

I’d need to check with you here. Which is not something I often do! I enjoy reading a post that will make men and women believe. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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