2/24 Soriano: “I want to win here”

Start the trade rumors again. Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson suffered a fractured arm Sunday when he was hit by a pitch. Rumors started to fly almost immediately that the Yankees would call the Cubs about Alfonso Soriano.

“I hope they don’t look that way because I feel comfortable here and I believe in this team,” Soriano said Sunday. “We have a better chance this year and I hope everybody stays healthy and we have a good April and we’ll see what happens.

“I feel comfortable here with this group of guys — they make me feel young,” he said.

It is the Yankees, though, which was the first Major League team Soriano played for.

“That’s the team that opened the door for me in the big leagues,” Soriano said. “That was a long time ago.”

Soriano does have final say and a no trade clause. Would he consider going to New York?

“I don’t know,” he said. “[Granderson’s injury] happened today, and I don’t know if they want to call or not. If they call for me, I have to think about it. I don’t want to make a quick reaction and say ‘Yeah’ or say ‘No.’ I want to think about it. I’m 37 years old so I have to think first what’s good for me and for the team and for my family, too.”

Last year at the Trade Deadline, Soriano drew some interest, and there were six or seven teams that he would have considered.

“That was last year,” he said. “At the Trade Deadline last year, there were six, seven teams that were contenders. Now, it’s 2013, and no contenders because the season hasn’t started yet. I have to see how we play first, the Cubs, and after that, maybe a couple months, if we’re not playing good, they can decide what they want to do with me.”

Does that mean he would reject any deal right now?

“I don’t want to say ‘No,’ I want to think about it first,” he said. “It’s not a contender yet. There’s a lot of good teams that have an 80, 90 percent chance to make the playoffs. We’ll see. Today is the second game of Spring Training, and there’s a lot of games and a lot of days to go and I believe we have a better chance than last year. The first thing for me is to see the Cubs in the playoffs this year. I’m not thinking about another team, I’m not thinking I want to get traded. I just want to stay here and make the playoffs and go to the World Series with this team.”

Soriano signed an eight-year deal with the Cubs, and has two years remaining on that deal.

“I want to give it one more chance — I want to win here,” he said. “It’s been a long time not winning. I signed here to win and I prepared my mind from the first day I signed the contract to win a World Series here. If I go somewhere else, I want to feel good, but my dream is winning here.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Awww that’s so nice…I hope we will win here! I know we will and it will happen SOON!😀 I hope so…

It won’t happen while Soriano is on this team because aside from his non-defensive contributions, his old age, his free swinging, his poor instincts on the field… the rest of the team is not quite championship caliber yet either and by the time they are Soriano will either have been traded or his contract will have expired either one would facilitate the chance of the Cubs BECOMING championship caliber, that is the irony of him wanting to win while he is here… the only thing he will win while here is the Lotto, if he’s lucky enough…like when fly balls are it within his limited fielding range…which may still induce him to dive, thereby giving the impression of a bad fielder LOOKING like a good fielder when in reality he his not. I wouldn’t mind being wrong and the Cubs go all the way in 2013 WITH SorianoLUMBERING in LF….MIRACLES can happen….

haha as Soriano goes 2 for 2…

soriano also has won here… made postseason in 07… won 97 games in 08… won 83 games in 09… its been rough tho since then… maybe he gets his second wind now… haha i hope so… whether he stays or gets traded it doesn’t really matter bc he isn’t blocking any prospects and we aren’t ready to win yet. Fact is we are worse without him but if we can get a prospect and save 10 million then why not? I think I would do that deal

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i have no idea way people give Soriano a hard time. he’s never been linked to PED’s… never in trouble with law…. never in trouble with teammates. yea… he had a great year before his contract year and got paid. can we be mad at him for that? the fact is, he is fighting age and doing it pretty well. here is a guy who wants to see his contract through and win for the team he chose to be on and everyone wants to rip him. i just dont get it…. he’s a class act and although he might not be on my list of all time most favorite cubs, he should be respected as a very good ball player who has come into every year ready to compete.

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