2/27 Defining Barney’s space

Darwin Barney’s locker area is defined by a white tape outline on the carpet in the HoHoKam clubhouse. Apparently, Barney needs his space.

“I came out of the game [Tuesday] and this was there,” Barney said Wednesday. “I can live with it. I was thinking about maybe putting up boundaries for everybody.”

There’s no doubting whose territory it is. Someone wrote, “Private, stay out, Barney’s area,” and added “P.S. I won a Gold Glove.” However, there is a typo on “area.” Does the second baseman know who did it?

“It looks like Otis’ handwriting, so that might be my guess,” Barney said of clubhouse manager Tom Hellmann. “Plus, he’s not a great speller. C’mon, I went to Oregon State.”

Wait a minute — isn’t the team supposed to try and be more of a sharing and caring group?

“I allow people in, like you guys [the media] aren’t allowed but teammates are definitely welcome,” Barney said, smiling.

— Carrie Muskat


The sign near the white tape line should read: “HOF winner” GO BARNEY!! He exemplifies a terriffic ballplayer that realizes defense contributes to VICTORIES.

Duh…meant to type “Gold Glove winner” (I did not go to Oregon State…)

If the guy needs his space he needs his space! Owell, I know he didn’t do it! He’s too nice to :) haha. GO BARNEY!!! :D <3

Carrie, how about a picture?

I think your right mama. If Barney needs to fill in for short stop he will be up for the challenge! But I think he does better at second. Even though he did train, like you said, in triple A for shortstop, I think he does better at second. Especially since he was being taught by one of the best second basemen we had, Sandberg! I think that if the time comes and some way Castro gets injured I think they’ll keep Barney at second and move up Javier Beaz to play short stop. I rather like to see Barneystay at second and have a prospect like Beaz, that is talented, be in his place temperedly. I want Barney to take it all the way this year and BEAT the record! :) Then I would be able to say that I have always believed in him! LOL. And the number one thing I love about Barney is that he never shows off. He was never a person that went around bragging about his Gold Glove! He was proud but never showed it off to everyone! Whoo he is awesome! <3 GO BARNEYYY! ~ 1 FAN! :D

I agree with most of what you say Mamma except I think Barney being the very good player he is…is not THAT good…to build a team around, more like he is a player you want on your team as a building block around ANOTHER 4 or 5 tool player. No offense to you or Isabel or White but although I want Barney around for a long time…if a Robinson Cano comes along….you know????

No doubt Mamma, defense is sooooo important hence my overwhelming desire to launch Soriano. The sooner he vacates his cushy job in LF the sooner the Cubs can get down to business and find (not saying it will be easy…) a legit ALL AROUND left fielder. Even if the new guy doesn’t equal Soriano’s “ever so awewome” RBI total it will be allright if he brings defense, high batting average, GOOD INSTINCTS in the field and on the bases (Soriano? Ha!) and contributes to a TEAM victory instead of an occassional “I won the game today with a homerun” …. yeah, you’re right, just like Barney except with a better bat.

Mamma-Yes I saw that he got injured after I posted my reply haha. But Im glad to hear that it was only minor. I KNOW Baez is ready for the bigs! And you’re right, he is very confident! :) Haha

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