2/28 Cubs 5, A’s 3

Dave Sappelt and Darnell McDonald each hit RBI doubles to lift the Cubs to a 5-3 victory Thursday over the Athletics.

Derek Norris hit a solo home run and scored on Michael Choice’s triple for Oakland and starter Brett Anderson, named the A’s Opening Day starter prior to the game. Anderson gave up one hit over two innings, striking out two.

Feldman, making his Cubs debut, gave up two hits, walked two and struck out two over two innings. Feldman had spent his entire career with the Rangers, but signed a one-year, $6 million contract with the Cubs in November, in hopes of securing a spot in the rotation.

Sappelt hit a RBI double with one out in the Chicago third to tie the game at 1 but Norris gave the A’s the lead again with a solo home run with two outs in the fourth off Travis Wood. Wood, battling for a spot in the rotation, gave up two hits over two innings and did not walk a batter. Wood got the win.

The Cubs had runners on first and third with two outs in the fourth against Bartolo Colon when Brent Lillibridge hit a grounder to second baseman Scott Sizemore, who flipped to shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, but he dropped the ball and a run scored. Junior Lake followed with a RBI single to go ahead, 3-2.

McDonald added a RBI double with one out in the Chicago fifth, and Christian Villanueva hit a sacrifice fly in the eighth.

Cubs’ Rule 5 pick Hector Rondon, who is coming back from elbow surgery, pitched an efficient 1-2-3 seventh.

Up next: Jeff Samardzija will make his second Cactus League start on Friday when he faces the Diamondbacks at HoHoKam Stadium. Samardzija, vying for the Opening Day job, gave up three hits and struck out two in two innings in his first outing against the Giants. The game will be broadcast on Cubs.com.

— Carrie Muskat


What a day for Mamma Mia – a pork tenderloin and a win! Hoorah! Who do you like so far?

Haha I agree..lucky her!…😦

The Cubs are exciting so far this Spring. Schierholtz is a hitting machine. Christian Villanueva, the Calss A 3rd Baseman that came over in the Dempster trade has a Homer, SF and two RBI’s. Jackson took a walk as a PH today and has been hitting. No K’s of yet for him. Castillo & Navarro look good behind the plate. Darnell McDonald, a non roster invitee who will probably not make the team, is crushing the ball.
Russell & Camp are pretty much lights out.
Lots of little things looking very well thuis far.

Jasper, I hope Schierholtz proves me wrong but he’ll have to exceed his career numbers BY FAR in order to be a game changing player…and that’s what this team needs.

I did not read where Stewart will be forced on the team? I did see that Sveum stated Stewart has done nothing since the injury. Stewart has been in camp to long already in my opinion.
Also read where Garza is afraid to hurt himself and wont be ready until after the start of the season. Thanks for giving the fans some hope Garza, now please sit down before you stub your toe.

I agree Jasper, I don’t think Hoystein is so hard headed and stubborn that he will force and admitted bad trade in Stewart on the team. He stated in a newspaper article that the Stewart trade was not necessarily one of the better things a new GM should have done. In fact, he may look at this injury/set back as a way to let Stewart go and save some dough.

If there has ever been a GM that did not make a bad trade, then there was a GM that was afraid to take a risk. Taking over in 2012 Hoyer and Epstein needed a 3rd baseman. They took a gamble and traded for Stewart and Weathers. Trading Colvin and DJ was not popular at the time, but it was a gamble, the Cubs needed a 3rd Baseman. Add that Marshall was traded to the Reds, so they had Weathers thrown in. That did not work out either.
People were angry Colvin was traded. However if you want to blame someone, I would blame Quade. After Colvins 20 HR season in 2010 under Pienella, Quade took a player like Colvin, who K’ed alot, was not a patient hitter at the time and consistantly batted him in the 8th spot. We all know that Colvin would not see many good pitches hitting before the Pitcher. In other words Quade put Colvin in a position not to succeed. So after his 2011 stats, he was very tradeable and worth the gamble for a 3rd baseman.
After that bad trade as you say, it has been amazing what Epstein and Hoyer have done. Every trade has brought Pitching prospects, examples are Loux and Vizcaino. The draft with Almora being the best player available to the 18 Pitchers. Signing Soler. Just last week trading ( and giving a chance on another team ) Campana, who was not going to make the Cubs roster for two 17 y/o Pitchers. That was looking down the rioad over 7 years.
Epstein and Hoyer may not be playing on the field, but it is my opinion these were the best signings Ricketts could have made. Keep it up guys, your doing great.

Can’t argure with you Jasper. Quade shoulders a lot of the blame (and not just for Colvin…) and for the most part Hoystein is doing a great job. After his admission of screwing up with the Stewart trade I now feel assured he won’t let that mistake happen again…he’s no Hendry who redifined insanity with some of his deals….plus, in order for Quade to be so Godawful as a ML manager for THE CUBS he had to have been hired over Sandberg by the genious Hendry. You are right, Hoystein has focused quite admirably on obtaining QUALITY young picthers AND position players. He truly is builiding from the ground up and we have much to be optimistic about!! Go Cubs!

Joey, not to disagree with you or be arguementive, but; I am very happy Sandberg was not hired. This is just my opinion, but could you imagine the disappointment today? Fans wanted sandberg as manager, Maddux as Pitching Coach, grace as the announcer.
Nothing is ever perfect, but Sveum is doing a very good job. He is teaching and working with youngsters. He is patient and making things fun. ( bunt tournament ) The clubhouse is loose, the Cubs did not have a clubhouse incident last year. That leads me to believe Sveum commuincates.
Also look at what his staff did with Soriano and his defense last year. 1 error? Things like the above tell me Sveum is doing great.
I also really liked his public comment on Stewart, saying he has done nothing since the injury. He is telling Stewart that it is noticed by all, get it together or you will be released.
At least thats the way I take it.

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