2/28 Cubs lineup – UPDATED

Scott Feldman will make his Cubs debut on Thursday when they play host to the Athletics at HoHoKam Stadium. Starlin Castro was scheduled to start at shortstop but that was before he had to leave Wednesday’s game with some tightness in his hamstring. Here’s an updated lineup. Javier Baez will start at short:

Sappelt CF
Barney 2B
Hairston DH
McDonald RF
Soler LF
Navarro C
Baez SS
Lillibridge 1B
Lake 3B

— Carrie Muskat


Soler in LF…sounds even BETTER than Soriano DH…

Haha! To you anything sounds better then Soriano in LF! >.<

Isabel in LF…sounds even even BETTER BETTER than Sorano DH….

how about a bucket of BP-balls in LF (the BP-balls we receive in a trade for Soriano)

Joey you’re right, Isabel in LF does sound better!🙂 haha, but I’m a catcher not outfielder! Haha

No no no – Isabel has to be the cheerleader with 2 pompoms!!! One for Barney and one for Baez! Go Isabel!!!!!

Yes, yes. Maybe 3. Two for BARNEY, one for Baez.(: haha

we all knew you caught… you been catching barney for a while now…

Well Belgian — Come on back to Oregon! It is a wonderful and beautiful state isn’t it. BUT baseball is in Arizona – boohoo. When the games start in Chicago I can watch on my big TV screen and it is almost like being there. Love it. It is so up-close that I can tell you what color gum the guys are chewing. HaHa.

Okay – now I know it – Mamma Mia is HEARTLESS!!!!!! While the rest of us are dining on some kind of gruel he will be munching on pork tenderloin! Is there no justice? Well, Mamma Mia, I hope it will be a winning day for the Cubs and I truly do hope you savor every bite of pork and every Cub’s run. Not to worry – I will cozy up with my dear kitty in my arms on the sofa and listen and cheer our guys on. I love the Cubs!

Mama can you go to Barney and tell him I’m his number one fan!? PLEASE!??? Tell him I love him so much and he’s the best! TELL HIM PLEASE!?…and tell Baez I love him too!🙂 haha

Do I hear the pom-pom girl? Mamma Mia sure has alot to get done! Going to games, eating delicious pork tenderloin, and now finding Barney and Baez for Isabel! Get busy Mamma! LOL

No they don’t read this! REALLY!? You better not be lying! Haha. And trust me I know how Baez is! I’ve heard what he says and how he is about winning! That’s one thing I like about him!🙂 Haha. And Barney is a shy person, and that’s what makes him so charmimg, he’s just so sweet! LOL.😀

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