3/1 Cubs lineup

It’s time for March Madness, Spring Training style. Jeff Samardzija takes the mound for his second Cactus League start. Here’s the Cubs lineup for Friday vs. the Diamondbacks:

DeJesus CF
Valbuena SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano DH
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Jackson LF
Watkins 2B
Maysonet 3B

— Carrie Muskat


I like how Sveum is getting Soriano used to being a DH…..it bodes well for his inevitable departure. Whether Soriano likes it or not, whether he is traded or just runs out his contract he will no doubt one day be an American Leaguer and what SMART American League manager that is stuck with him play him anywhere near the field?

I like how Sveum is testing Valbuena in the two hole. He might do much better seeing some fastballs hitting before Rizzo.

I thought the same thing, even thought Jackson might improve if put in the two hole…???

Joey, thats a strong possibility if Jackson continues making contact. Jackson K’ed so much last year that it would not make sense yet, at least to me. #2 hitter needs to advance the leadoff guy, take pitches for the SB, SAC the runner over, hit behind the runner or be able to hit & run. I dont think Jackson is ready for the added pressure of all that yet, he is doing very well making contact right now.
Dont forget that Sveum, Rowson and Deer all worked with Jackson on his swing. He has showed huge improvement so far.

Thats why I dont say anything negative against Soriano. He is the threat in the middle of the line up. He worked hard on his defense in LF last year and it showed.
Pretty rare for a guy his age to keep trying to improve, but he is working at it.

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