3/3 Castro, Stewart injury updates

Shortstop Starlin Castro was able to hit in the batting cage on Saturday and will do so again Sunday as he progresses from mild inflammation in his left hamstring. Castro said Sunday if this were the regular season, he would be able to play but he’s taking a cautious approach.

“I don’t want to be, ‘OK, I’m good,’ and then get hurt again,” Castro said. “I want to be good for 162 [games].”

Ian Stewart, sidelined since Feb. 22 with a sore left quad, was able to swing a bat and play catch on Saturday. He’ll continue to add some baseball activities to his schedule. Josh Vitters also is making progress from a sore left quad.

“We’ve come this far and I don’t want to take a chance at a setback now,” Stewart said. “We’re taking it each day and seeing what kind of progression we make from the day before and going from there.”

The Cubs had said Stewart would be sidelined 10 to 14 days, and it’s now been 10 days since he was injured.

“Honestly, I am pretty pleased with the progress we’ve made because in the beginning, it was hurting pretty bad,” Stewart said. “I thought it would be longer than that. I’m pretty pleased with where we’re at now.”

In a perfect world, Stewart would get 70 at-bats in Spring Training.

“By that point, it’d be playing every single game, every day, every inning,” Stewart said. “If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. If it takes a little longer, we’ll go from there.”

Cubs manager Dale Sveum had talked to Stewart about going to Minor League camp to get more at-bats before he was injured. That may be an option now, too.

“It is very frustrating,” Stewart said about being sidelined. “I worked hard this offseason, spent a lot of time away from my family this offseason, going back and forth from California to North Carolina. It is tough and I guess the only positive is that the season is six and hopefully seven months long. If you’re going to be hurt this time of year, and not something to take you away from meaningful games in the middle or latter part of the season. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer.”

— Carrie Muskat


It doesn’t sound like Stewart will be playing 3rd any time soon if Sveum is planning to send him to AAA for a while. Now who will be at 3rd? Valbuena has shown great improvement this year but who else can also be there? Castro will hopefully heal well. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of his being injury prone. We do have Baez for SS is Castro is injured. But 3rd??????

In a perfect world….we could reverse the trade. Stewart has worked hard this offseason…and this is what happens?? Geez, imagine if he didn’t work hard….
The handwriting is on the wall as we are talking about a suspect player even when healthy. The third base dilemma continues in full force. This should be what it takes to get the organization to FOCUS on getting a long term solution to third base.

Don’t toss Steward to the side just yet… he’s the best option by a mile despite what Dale’s preferences seem to be

Stewart is not an option if he is injured. His injury does not seem to be healing quickly and it looks like he may not be ready all that soon. AND he seems to be injury prone – one after another. I agree with Joey that we still have no long term solution to 3rd. Back to square one. We all started talking about this months ago and NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Stewart had what? One good season? Not a great season just a good season. He HAD a lot of promise but that was BEFORE the Cubs even acquired him. At the time of the trade he had LESS promise than Colvin. The trade was made from desperation, Hoystein deserves a mulligan no doubt because Colvin and DJ were not the crown jewels of the organization but in no way can the trade be considered a good move nor can Stewart be considered the thirdbasman the Cubs NEED to find. I consider Stewart tossed to the side. Campana was a more valuble player than Stewart and they tossed him….Does anybody realize not only does Stewart need to recover AGAIN but he needs to REMAIN healthy (long shot) and THEN he needs to be an RBI machine. Time to cut bait, take the mulligan, fill in with a revolving door of “Valbuenas” and make third base a PRIORITY.

AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN. Different subject – the pitching is beginning to look thin too.

Maybe so White but Garza isn’t on Hoystien’s watch and even if beginning to thin a little it appears to be in better shape than last season so we should give some kudos to Hoystien for improving at least the pitching staff even if marginally. The outfield? Third base? The offense? eh, not so much but he clearly is just plugging holes and adding trade bait until Soler, Almora and maybe Jackson stake out some spots. I don’t think anybody is foolish enough to believe ANY of the starting outfielders in 2013 have ANYTHING to do with the sustained success often mentioned.

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