3/4 Bunting tourney – UPDATED

For aficionados of the Cubs bunting tournament, play resumed Monday with four sweet 16 matches. Nate Halm, of the Cubs video staff, advanced by beating pitcher Travis Wood. Also advancing were Blake Parker, Michael Brenly and Edwin Maysonet. Logan Watkins also has advanced to the elite eight, beating Anthony Rizzo on Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat


This is still going on…? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Come on Joey? Of course this Tourney is not much interest to the fans, but Sveum will know who can put a bunt down to advance a runner late in the game when needed. It also lets those know who needs work in this area if they want to improve their game.
Of course I am not talking about the non players still involved, however it even makes them feel more part of the team. Its a good thing.

I agree. Learning to bunt is part of Spring Training. They just are making it more fun by having a contest. Carrie keeps us posted on the standings because she knows we are interested in ALL that is happening in Mesa. Thanks Carrie. I wonder how many other teams have bunting contests, etc. I would guess that all teams address bunting in one way or another.

How about put a GUARANTEED bunt down late in the game WITH an incredibly high chance of reaching base safely thereby saving the out AND then making the picther extremley nervous about a stolen base causing him to not focus on the batter resulting in a walk or even a balk? Svuem ALREADY knew which player that WAS…..the super speedster, playes for Arizona NOW.
The bunting tournament is a contrived attempt at somtheing “different” as if that is what will get us to the playoffs. It’s a good practice and I’m all for the execise but the way they hype it is somewhat juvenilie. Like you said Jasper…not much interest to the fans so it should stay in Arizona…

My sons and I find the bunt tournament very entertaining. We would like to see the bracket posted. Bunting is almost a lost art, as everyone wants to see home runs. Without a lot of power hitters the Cubs will need to rely on small ball, and bunting is a great tool and it should be practiced. Kudos to Sveum for trying something different. And yes, I wish they would have kept Campana. I don’t think he got that much of a chance.

Glad to hear you get to watch the bunting tournament. Do your sons play ball? I just saw that Nate, the video man, advanced! Maybe we can use him on the team????? Love it. I will miss Campana too. Scrappy player – fun to watch.

Yes, next year, I think someone should post the match-ups from the original field of 64, and then get an office pool going. That would be fun!

It may not be of interest to you or I Joey, but as you can see, it is of interest to some. David Homann’s indicates his sons like the postings, so if it is teaching youngster that it indeed part of the game, why not. There is nothing bad about it.

On Campana, he was exciting, when he was on base. With the signing of Scherloltz and Hairston, there was not much chance Campana would make the 25 man roster. Dont know how many options he had left, if any? So why not give him a chance with another team, pick up two 17 y/o pitchers? Its a good thing for both teams and Campana fans. I hope he does well.

Although I remain steadfast that the bunting tournament is more DISPlAYED as spectical, I see your point for it’s value and never have I thought it should not happen, just in a more subdued, serious fashion. All who think it “entertaining” might miss out on the frivolus updates but as we all know none of this, including the Campana trade is anything to lose sleep over.

Thanks, David, and glad you got to watch. It’s very competitive, and it helps Sveum get a read on some of the players (who wants it, who works at it). On Monday, for example, Logan Watkins was watching, just to gauge the competition. He could’ve been texting friends or having lunch, but he’s paying attention. As for the bracket, I’ve tried to post the day’s matchups, then update them. Maybe next year I’ll find software to put together the bracket.

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