3/5 Rockies 6, Cubs 3

Edwin Maysonett hit an inside the park home run and Brad Nelson delivered a pinch-hit homer but it wasn’t enough as the Cubs lost 6-3 to the Rockies Tuesday in Scottsdale. Scott Feldman made his second spring start, and gave up four runs on six hits over two innings, including a two-run homer by Wilin Rosario.

“If you’re going to have an outing like today, it’s a good thing to have it in spring and not the regular season,” Feldman said. “It’s an opportunity to kind of sit back and look at things and what I need to work on and make a little bit of adjustment. From where I am right now, second start of spring, I’m just happy I feel good and my fastball is where it needs to be.”

Tuesday was the Cubs’ first game using a designated hitter and Feldman, who has limited Interleague at-bats, was the first Cubs player to get a hit with a soft single to right with two outs in the third.

“I didn’t hit that ball really hard, but I actually broke the bat,” he said. “It’ll look like a line drive in the box score.”

Feldman is scouting his teammates as well and was impressed by second baseman Darwin Barney’s play to end the second in which he snared Josh Rutledge’s grounder that was headed to center, spun and made a throw in time.

“He’s made a lot of good plays so far this spring,” Feldman said of the Gold Glove second baseman. “You have guys like that behind you, you’re not afraid to pitch to contact.”

— Carrie Muskat


C’mon Cubs! Bring me some wins!!!🙂

Yes, some wins would help Isabel. Pitching not looking too good yet. Stewart not promising to be the 3rd base solution, Castro not in the best of shape, Garza out for a long time, etc. etc. Oh dear. Our Barney won’t be playing tomorrow but he is looking good! Yes? Well, we have a few weeks to get this all straightened out – hopefully.

Ummm our Barney?…no. Sorry only mine! Haha🙂 And of course he looks good! He always does!😉 LOL

talking about looking good…. I saw some pics of Beaz’ girlfriend on twitter… she’s in the same league as DeJesus’ wife… VERY goodlooking…

Belgian – Don’t tell Isabel about Baez’s gorgeous girlfriend. I am Barney’s best girlfriend and Baez has a gorgeous girlfriend – what will Isabel do now???? LOL

I’ve seen pics of Barney’s girlfriend…. you still look like a 25y old🙂

Belgian – you are so funny! Actually Barney has a really pretty wife so I think Isabel and I are batting in the breeze to be his #1 fan. He already has one!

Just to set the record straight, Darwin Barney is happily married, and has two lovely daughters.

Aren’t they adorable! Must be in the genes! LOL

Thanks Carrie, didn’t know if he was married or not… Then again, I’m not running in the “Barney’s Nr. 1 Fan Contest”…
But I think you just broke 2 hearts by telling this… poor Isabel and White…
And thanks for keeping us informed on the “behind the scenes” things. Every bit of information we get makes us feel closer to players, and makes it even more easier to support them. Keep up the good work Carrie !!!!!!

Well you guys I already knew that one! I know the baby sitter for Barney’s kids. She tutors me at a program and she is super nice! I was just like “What did you just say!?” after she told me she baby sits his kids! LOL. I was pretty mad! haha. Plus yes I know about his Baez girlfrind…trust me I know. I follow him on Twitter too! LOL. To bad, to sad. I’m not Barney’s #1 fan because of his looks but because I love the way he plays and his determination for the game! He has the whole package!🙂 Haha.

we’re just teasing a bit, Isabel… an by the way, knowing the babysitter for Barney’s kids gives you a slight edge over White in your contest.

Haha I know, I know🙂 Haha

Sorry Isabel but I still hold all the high cards on this one! Don’t forget – I live in Portland, Oregon,
Barney and his wife grew up in Beaverton, Oregon – 10 minutes away. Now how does that add up? Stay tuned. Love ya! HaHa back at ya!

So but I live in Chicago! We’re he lives at now! And get to go to the games when ever!🙂 haha

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