3/6 Cubs vs. White Sox

The Cubs and White Sox face off Thursday at HoHoKam Stadium in Mesa for the first of two Cactus League meetings. Carlos Villanueva will start for the Cubs against the Sox’s Jose Quintana. Here’s the early Cubs lineup:

DeJesus CF
Barney 2B
Schierholtz RF
Soriano LF
Valbuena 3B
Castillo C
Nelson 1B
Maysonet SS
Villanueva P

Note: The lineup is subject to change. There was a last minute switch on Wednesday at the Rangers game because Darwin Barney was in the original lineup and then scratched. Nothing was wrong but Dale Sveum lets his veterans take a day off, and Barney had picked Wednesday but there was a little mixup. Note to Barney fans: He’s not in the doghouse at all.

— Carrie Muskat


Game lineup for March 7th right? Glad Barney is not in the doghouse! I am SURE he had a very good reason to need the day off!!!! Right Carrie? LOL

Would you please find out if Eric Jokisch is going to AAA or is he back with the Smokies in AA.

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Sorry, but I won’t know any Minor League assignments officially until maybe early April. Pitchers/catchers have been in camp 1 week, and position players get going today. It’s a little early to say

“The lineup is subject to change” Would make an awesome catch phrase/slogan for the 2013 season!!! As we fans are all waiting with great anticipation FOR THE LINEUP TO CHANGE (exempt are Rizzo, Barney, Castro) Beats the heck out of “building a new tradition”. I hope it starts with LF.

Come on Joey?? Who would hit behind Rizzo? If not for Soriano being there, Rizzo would never see a pitch to hit unless the other team was ahead by a good margin. Besides, Soriano produced more Runs than any other hitter in the line up last year.

exactly but you gotta realize joey doesn’t see that… he doesn’t see the guy who led our team offensively and was very servicable and slightly above average in his fielding last year… he doesn’t let go of the past…hell he’s still bitching about hendry

No offense Jasper but I don’t think Rizzo’s protection is the paramount mission at this point. It should be the development of the entire team not just Rizzo and that means for the Cubs to get a move on an entire new outfield sooner rather than later. Since it may take a couple three year for this all new outfield to emerge we might as well start by launching Soriano AND DeJesus for that matter as both players have no bearing on the soon to come sustained winning caliber baseball to be displaye in the Friendly Confines…..

Sorry Jasper, I meant to respectfully reply to YOUR decent comment…..

If you just want to get rid of somebody, how about Stewart or Garza?

Jasper, we don’t want to get rid of somebody… we want to get rid of a nobody as far as defence is concerned… why keep Soriano when he is NOT a part of our future. Give the young guys a chance to prove themselfs and get some experience at the highest level… even if they fail at first (Rizzo in his first year in SD) they will learn from it. We aren’t going to win anything anyway this season, so beter to get rid of the ones that have no future here and trade them for prospects

why keep soriano? because we would rather get some production from the money the cubs spent on him…. also if you aren’t going to get a good deal for him why just TRADE him to trade him? Doesn’t make sense…. there are no young guys who can replace Soriano as of right now… NONE NADA NILL!!!!!! Soler and Almora are the only two that could and they haven’t even made it to AA yet so lets hold off on your young guy theme…. o and his defense was very good last year… plus he was in the voting for MVP got 20th but still in the running….. one single error in 145 games…. I WILL TAKE IT!!

Well Belgian, you get what I mean. THANK YOU. It’s not the point to just get rid of Soriano because he fails in the clutch, is an inferior defender despite what the unattentive, easily fooled fan(s) think, lacks defensive instincts, only improves his “defense” by not getting to balls, is not a good base runner, is getting old, is a free swing for the fences, undiscipline HITTER…it’s that he IS IN THE WAY of the inevitable. Sure, he is our best run producer….that’s not saying much on this team. THIS team needs our best option for LF to BE DISCOVERED whether by in-house advancement/development or by trade. What this team certanily does not need is SORIANO. Or Jim Hendry for that matter… one down, one to go!! Have a great day Belgian!!

I’m far, far, far away from Chicago at the moment, Joey… my day is finished already… and it would have been a good day if I would have read “Soriano traded…” during breakfast, but this was, sadly, just a regular day.
So sad to see people who want to do it the “Hendry-way” and rush things and wiho want to win now. We see at this moment where it has brought us… no where.
What I want to see is Szczur or Sappelt, or even Jackson in LF (and CF and RF) and if they fail, send them back down and call them up at the end of the season again. If they fail again, then go after a cheap free agent to fill the gap untill Almora or Soler are ready.

you are rushing things by wanting to just simple write Soriano off… maybe he produces again this year… last year in ST it was soriano can’t do this or that but he ended up playing well… at the trade deadline it was the same thing but ya but he will choke in the second half… well he didn’t… what is it this year? Sounds like he is healthy and ready to play. I am not against trading him but to come on here and bash the guy and just get rid of him to get rid of him is DUMB… he is our top run producer and is NOT BLOCKING ANYONE!!! We have NO ONE to replace him…. NONE… No one is available on the market to replace him… our prospects are too young so we have TIME… unless a team is going to give us one of the top10 prospects the FO isn’t going to trade him plain and simple… and even then it has to be to a team Soriano wants to play for

I don’t care if he produces this year, cause this year (and next year) we are’nt going to win anything. What if he has a .300/40/100 year and the Cubs ends up with .500? I would like to see what the prospects have in store for us. Who can stand the pressure, who can adjust to the highest level, who thrives on being in the spotlights.
About the prospects being too young… Soler is 21 and Szczur 23. Castro was 20 when being called up, skipping the AAA and only playing 57 games at AA level. If you are very good, age doesn’t matter.

Joey, Soriano has two years left contract wise and DeJesus 1 year. Should the Cubs trade both now, who plays this year? Almora, Jackson, Soler and so on are not ready.
You bring them up to early and you see what happened with Jackson & Vitters last year.
Respectfully, how would you handle it?

they wouldn’t because you are exactly right… they just want to piss and moan about something

Well, 100 + losses last year gives you a little wriggle room this year. I read in the paper some columnists take that the FO would love to deal Soriano saving any amount of money on his contract and I also read that DeJesus is nothing more than midseason trade bait to restock the farm system so…. if both were traded sooner rather than later I would play Sappelt,Jackson and or Hariston as of now and playing them will not ruin their development as they are both percieved to be fringe anyway and they too will make way for Soler and Almora but if they surprise…well then we have even more GOOD outfielder to trade for young prospect. With both Soriano and DeJesus traded for young kids at least the farm system is bolstered for the future. Either way THIS season and maybe next season are just seasons of waiting for Soler and Almora NOT seasons to contend for the WS. I would make launching Soriano a priority while he may fool another team into giving up anybody as for DeJesus he’s DeJesus….a middle of the road very replacable player. Handled.

Well at least I understand what your saying. I get it and if the right prospects were offered, I am sure Hoyer would jump on it, that and what part of the Salary of course.
On Dejesus, good fill in guy with the OBP and doing decently at lead off while waiting.
I am sure they could get by with Schierholtz, Sappelt, Jackson. But fans would vave to be very patient and expect another 100 loss season. That would give the Cubs the #2 Draft pick in 2014.

I too understand what you’re saying about Soriano being a run producer, no doubt, just not the player this particular team needs at this particular point in time. Don’t forget about Hairston in that mix of players “to get by” for a while. That’s a good point about the draft pick too. Thanks for the civil discourse Jasper, it’s a pleasure reading your comments.

trading soriano now doesn’t get this team any closer to contending…if anything its a step backwards… so why do it? To save a little bit of money? Aren’t we already saving enough money on the cheap,garbage team we have now? To get a prospect for the farm? Well so far teams won’t offer us any prospect worthwhile so until they do we can’t sit here and say DO IT FOR THE PROSPECTS… now if they are going to give us an arm or 3B for the future then ya sure I would definitely look at the trade but the FO is doing the right thing by waiting this out

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