3/7 Italy & Rizzo beat Mexico

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run, go-ahead double with one out in the ninth off Sergio Romo to lift Team Italy to a 6-5 come from behind victory over Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. Rizzo also singled in the first inning off former Cubs pitcher Rodrigo Lopez. Italy faces Canada on Friday at Chase Field; the game was moved because of the forecast for rain.

— Carrie Muskat


Congrats Rizzo! Hope you win some more but anxious for you to come back to the Cubs soon.

I am so glad the Cubs will not have pitchers like Lopez, Wells, Volstad this season

What a great point you make Cubs Talk! How we managed to even get by with those guys….yeesh…don’t even like to think about the “old days”. Just a few more players to unload one way or the other in the next year or two and then this team is gonna be a force.

Hi Mamma, I don’t follow the WBC, cause I don’t like the fact that players who don’t have the nationality, but are decendents of people of that particular country are allowed to play. And Pawelek is one of those…
And yes, baseball is taken pretty seriously in the Netherlands.There are about 25000 people (children and adults) who play baseball or softball in organised teams and competitions, divided over about 200 clubs. Not bad for a country that is slightly bigger than Maryland and has about the same polulation as Illinois and Iowa combined.

Belgian – Just to let you know that I am of Dutch descent. I got the big blue eyes to prove it. LOL

Just to make something clear…. I’m not Dutch or of Dutch descent, I’m Belgian…. and to give you an idea how the relationship is between Belgium and the Netherlands, think Cubs/Cards or Bears/Packers. The only reason I spend time in the Netherlands is because baseball is almost non-existant in Belgium and there are 7 clubs in the Netherlands that are closer to my place than the nearest one in Belgium.

Belgian – As you may know Mamma Mia has already agreed to adopt me if I could get to Mesa. for the games. Since I can’t go because of my MS (dang it) maybe he could adopt Petrey for a few games! I know, I know – Mamma Mia is going to chastise me thoroughly for this idea! Love ya Mamma Mia! LOL

Belgian – under the circumstances, can we still be friends?

White, just because you live my 2nd favorite State…. Yes

seems like it’s time to go to sleep for me…. has to be “live IN my”

They beat my home!:/ curse you Italy! Haha just kidding, just kidding🙂

Go Italy!!! Good thing you’re kidding Isabel….!!!! 🙂

Haha yes yes. Im just mad they beat Mexico!❤ My home land!:/ LOL+

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