3/9 Cubs lineup

It’s chilly and wet at HoHoKam Stadium Saturday for the Cubs game against the Indians. Chris Rusin, who was to have pitched Friday night, will get the start and be followed by Brooks Raley. Alberto Cabrera and Kyuji Fujikawa also are scheduled to pitch. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Baez SS
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Hairston DH
Valbuena 3B
Chavez LF
Nelson 1B
Watkins 2B

— Carrie Muskat


same weather as over here in Sri Lanka… chilly, wet…. oooopppssss…. I meant NOT the same… 100 during the day and 85 at night….

You are in Sri Lanka?????? I am so confused! I thought you were in the Netherlands.

Let me confuse you even more…. I’m born and raised in Belgium, lived in Chicago for 3 years, moved back to Belgium, played baseball in the Netherlands (but did not live there as I only live 3 miles from te border) and now I spend my time between Belgium and Sri lanka with the intention of settling in Sri Lanka in 1 or 2 years time

Belgian – thank you for “un-confusing” me! You are quite the traveler. 3 years in Chicago and you are a Cubs fan! I know very little about Sri Lanka but will take the time now to find out more about it. Do you plan to come back to the states any time soon? Back to visit Oregon maybe? LOL

White, any other way we can talk (email?) so we won’t mess this forum up with travelstories?

you can email me at:
gert @ kosgoda.net
just remove the spaces before and after the @

Wonderful! I will do that very soon. Sounds like you have a very interesting and diversified life and I will look forward to hearing from you too.

I’m thinking Belgian Cubbie could be female as gert is prominent in the email address. My mother had a sister named Gert. Btw Mamma, thanks for clarifying some issues I had recently with snow in Phoenix area and a man named Levine.

Hey Jhosk – you want to join the “Recipe of the Week” club, too? I guess Belgian will have to let us know about the name Gert. My name is Connie which could be for girl or boy. And I am a 77 yr. old “babe”.

Sorry to shatter your dreams, but I’m 100% male. The name Gert is originally a German name for boys and it means “strong, brave, spear” in old German. The female name Gert is an abbrevation (and modern variant) of the German name Gertrude.

Thanks for clearing that up, sir. I thought ahout something after I wrote that post. The actor who played Goldfinger in the 1964 film was Gert Frobe.

Now that you mention it White, I do recall a male named Connie who was an elite basketball player back in the day, Connie Hawkins. I’m not far behind you chronologically, at 67.

Wasn’t there a Connie Mack? 67 – you are still just a kid! Carpe diem.

Yes, there was Connie Mack, the baseball icon, and more recently his great grandson, Connie Mack IV, the member of the US House of Representatives from Florida. Re: your comment about my age, you are too kind.

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