3/10 Cubs injury updates

Neither Ian Stewart or Josh Vitters was expected to be ready until the weekend as both try to come back from sore left quads. The two Cubs third basemen have not played since an intrasquad game Feb. 21. Stewart hit a double in his only at-bat, then had to leave the game with soreness in his quad. He was projected to come back by mid week but now that’s been pushed back.

“Now it’s looking to the weekend,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “They’re still feeling it — both he and Vitters are the same thing. They’re still feeling stiffness when they’re jogging at 80 percent or running at 80 percent. Hopefully, maybe this weekend. Now it seems to be getting pushed back every day.”

Sveum had mentioned that Stewart would have to undergo a cram session to get ready in time for the regular season.

“It’s getting more crammy,” Sveum said.

There’s better news about Starlin Castro and Brent Lillibridge. Both of them should be back on Wednesday. Castro has been sidelined since Feb. 27 with tightness in his left hamstring, while Lillibridge was injured that day, suffering a strained groin.

On Sunday, the Cubs medical staff was to re-evaluate Matt Garza and see if he could begin a throwing program. He’s been out since Feb. 17 with a strained left lat.

Add another name to the injury list: Junior Lake was scratched from Sunday’s game. He has shoulder soreness, which Sveum called a “stiff trapeze.” He meant trapezius.

— Carrie Muskat


Is it my imagination or are we having an unusual amount of injuries this year? 3rd base is now down to – Valbueno and who else? Will Castro stay healthy long enough to get some Spring Training in? Will Stewart and Garza even be with the Cubs when we get to Wrigley? We may have to bring up AAA players sooner than expected just to cover the bases and before they are really ready. Any thoughts?

I’d rather have all the players injured now and healthy at the trade deadline and during the final stretch to prepare for the first season that we might expect a Cubs team that can start contending

Sorry for Sveum? At least he HAS a major league manager’s job and wasn’t thrown under the bus as was Sandberg, the life-long Hall Of Famer who was told to put his time in the minor leagues which he did and on top of that was a winner….well at least we had the pleasure of Hendry’s most genius move….Quade. You have to wonder what Sveum’s definition of “ready for the season” is concerning Stewart…ready as in HEALTHY but still bad or what??? He can’t cram enough and then suddenly turn into
Aramis Ramirez. Stewart NEVER had a STELLAR big league season to “return to form” There is no form….

I read in today’s paper that Stewart is unlikley to get cut and is more likley to start the season on the DL. I guess Hoystein is hell-bent on relentlessly trying to make the trade look good. I wish him luck but it will be such an uphill battle considering that AFTER Stewart recovers from his latest injury he will THEN have to become a very good run producing thirdbaseman something that he only briefly displayed in the majors and even those numbers were not excellent. I’ll give this Hendry, he sure knocked it out of the park when he acquired Ramirez!

so you are now complaining about a run producing 3B but you want to get rid of our best run producer on the team for a bag of balls??? HMMM makes tons of sense!! Keep up the good work and have a safe trip home on the short bus.

Ryan or Ryne, the Cubs let a good one get away!! Wishing him well in Philly.

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