3/11 Injury updates

* Matt Garza played catch on Monday, making 25 tosses from about 45 feet, for the first time since he felt some soreness in his left lat. Garza had not been on a mound since Feb. 17 when he felt discomfort in his lat, and had to cut short a live BP session. Garza, not expected back for the first month, will rest Tuesday then resume throwing on Wednesday.

* Starlin Castro, Brent Lillibridge, Ian Stewart and Josh Vitters all ran the bases on Monday, and all should be in games by the end of the week. Castro, who has been out since Feb. 27 with tightness in his left hamstring, was expected to start Wednesday, while Lillibridge, who suffered a groin strain the same day, will get some at-bats on Wednesday.

The news is better for Stewart, who could get in a game on Thursday. He’s been out since Feb. 21 because of a sore left quad.

“I think there’s plenty of time now,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said about Stewart. “We were a little bit worried that it would be next week but everything’s gotten a little bit quicker.”

Stewart said Sunday he feels he’s the Cubs starting third baseman.

“He came in knowing it was a job he was going to have to just play well and produce,” Sveum said. “It’s still 16, 17 possible games left starting Thursday. You’re looking at hopefully cramming 30 at-bats into that and some Minor League at-bats, too.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Sveum must have been given the bad news about keeping Stewart on the roster and now has to do a typical back peddling dance regarding his comments about Stewart, can’t look foolish to the media or God forbid bruise Stewart’s ego. Sveum has plenty of practice of sugar coating comments when it comes to egos…. i.e. Soriano….

Joey, I would say your correct in Stewarts case. I think you are way too critical in Sorianos case. Sveum worked with Soriano last Spring, fielding, playing the OF. Soriano had a very good year last year in the field and at bat.
If your saying Sveum stroked the ego of Soriano, well it worked. I doubt it works with Stewart. I am assuming Stewart is just here for the money and has no team concept. Still, he is the best 3B on the roster.

We just disagree Jasper I suppose HOW Soriano had his “good year” last year. I will not take away from his RBI production from last year, it was a very good RBI total considering the rest of the team’s OBP. But with that said he is FAR from a great HITTER and he looked real good on paper in the outfield but watching him NOT get to balls (avoiding errors), NOT taking good routes (avoiding errors), NOT making proper throws to CUT OFF men was still painful to watch…At least we agree on Stewart, that’s something and I appreciate that Jasper, thank you.

im confused at what Svuem is sugar coating??? I think as usual you are jsut bashing to bash. To me it seems like Svuem is saying Stewart better start getting in some games this spring or ELSE…

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