3/13 Add Lake to injury list

Cubs infielder Junior Lake was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the top rib on the right side, and will be sidelined four to six weeks, the team announced Wednesday. He will rehab the rest of Spring Training. Lake, who missed time last spring because of an ankle injury, and then was slow to start the season because of a back injury, played third and some outfield this year.

“Learning a new position, he’s a little bit raw there, but he still did a pretty good job there,” Dale Sveum said of Lake’s play at third. “Swinging the bat, he’s a very premeditated swinger. He’s just not getting good pitches to hit, and he’s swinging at arm action a lot. He’s a guy who has a lot of bat speed, and doesn’t have to be a premeditated swinger but he’s still in that mode. He’s got all the tools — we didn’t get to see him play the outfield but a couple times. It’s a nice player to have but there’s still development there.”

Lake, who turns 23 on March 27, batted .304 in 10 games this spring.

— Carrie Muskat


As a Cubs fan I am dissapointed(to put it mildly) with Svuem’s attitude toward highly talented Javier Baez who could easily be the answer to third base by next season if he continues to progress. We all know that spring training pitching is watered down so Baez’s .310 batting average isn’t completely accurate but we can also compare it to other notable top players in the game such as Andrew McCutchen who is currently hitting .186. My problem with Svuem’s attitude toward Baez is that after one bad day when he posted an 0-4 against some pitcher’s with “different arm angles” several days ago Svuem said that Baez would need 1500 to 2000 at bat’s in the minors to make him major league ready so he would be ready to face pitcher’s who throw from different arm angles. I wanted to throw my computer I was so angry. That would be 4-5 season’s of Baez in the minors. That is rediculous. Castro was up at 20 and hit .300 through 120 games and followed it up with a .307 average and led the league in hits with 207 at AGE 21!! Last year I see him batting in the 5 whole continuoslly?? Why are we messing with his devlopment after a highly successful offensive season at age 21? As far as Baez goes I am hoping he doens’t get mismanaged by Svuem during his development. We saw Baltimore bring up Machado two weeks after he turned 20 and he had a solid season. Baez appears to have a higher offensive ceiling than Machado from what scouts say. I would rather watch Baez learn on the job at the MLB level next year at age 21 as long as he progresses this season in the minors offensively. From what I read and gather his defense is pretty solid. As a life long Cubs fan I don’t want to watch Baez rot away in the minors because Svuem thinks he hasn’t faced enough pitchers with different arm slots and arm angles. I fear that Baez will be micromanaged by Svuem during his development. I have also read recently that Svuem when asked about Baez’s .360 batting average and two homeruns this spring two days agao that he simply said “let’s not get ahead of ourselves it is just Spring training.” THrow the kid a bone for Christ sake and at least put something positive out there Dale. We have our answer at third. We have a potential offensive monster coming up. The sad thing is that he may get mismanaged. You will also see Boston move Bogaerts and Bradley up and not let them rot in the minors for two long. The Braves do it as well with their big name prospects. Heyward and Stanton came up at 20/21. It just seems that successful MLB programs bring up their blue chip prospects and let them learn on the job instead of rotting in the minors. As much garbage as Hendry got for things he did I applaud him for bringing Castro up when he did. Yea his defense isn’t the best YET but I had no problem with his 26 errors as he led the National League in base hits in 2011.

….and that is why Sandberg should be managing! He may not be calling for Baez to mak the ML team THIS year but I think he would be more encouraging and less PRESUMPTUOUS than Sveum. Why would any manager make such a statement regarding the number of ab’s a young player needs before being promoted? What if Baez “turns the corner” after just one year/500 ab’s?
Will Sveum insist on leaving him in the minors? I’m not impressed with Sveum, compared to Quade he’s a genius but still he may not be what is advertised to us by Epstein. Who knows? Sandberg may have gotten some more out of Vitters by now as well…. Yeesh, is third base a mess.

geez are we really getting on the whine about sandberg every single topic now??? come on …please make it stop… if sandberg was so good he would be a ML Manager by now but he’s not… he’s a minor league manager get over it

You can’t compare how the Cubs treated Castro with how they’ll handle Baez, and it’s not just Sveum, it’s the attitude from the top, Theo/Jed. Each player’s development is different. Let’s say Baez has an incredible season this year in the Minors and forces the Cubs to keep promoting him so he’s challenged. Then, they could reconsider. Last year, he batted .333 at Peoria and was promoted to Daytona, and batted .188. Patience. Let him grow, let him learn.

We just did.

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