Garza taking small steps

Matt Garza resumed his throwing program on Wednesday. He started throwing on Sunday, just playing catch, and did the same on Monday. So far so good, Garza said.

“It’s still small steps,” he said. “I threw Sunday and Monday and didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know how it would come out. It felt all right [Tuesday]. Today, we’ll do it again and see how it goes, we’ll push it a little more and see where it’s at and see how it responds tomorrow.”

He has yet to throw off the mound.

“[I’m not doing anything] out of the ordinary,” Garza said. “I’m just slowly getting back into it.”

He had expected some soreness after throwing back to back days, but felt OK.

“I was muscular sore but not the old sore,” he said. “I’m activating muscles again. It’s just slow.”

It is frustrated being sidelined.

“I’m this far in, and fully committed,” he said. “I’ve got to take it easy and keep going. I’m still working out and doing everything like that. We’ll see how it goes day by day.”

Garza is optimistic he’ll be ready by the middle of April.

“I’m still hoping,” he said. “We’ve got three weeks left. Hopefully, I can be ready to make an appearance the last week [of Spring Training], and if not, possibly Houston [March 29-30), and then go out and make a couple starts and be ready.”

He has not been on a mound since Feb. 17 when he first felt soreness in his left lat during a live BP session at Fitch Park.

— Carrie Muskat


Hopefully Kerry Prior Garza reads this and knows not all fans are depending on him. Take off the whole year, get well, sign a new contract and get hurt somewhere else.

Hopefully the White Sox. Cub fans are tired of paying for DL Pitchers.

THAT was funny Jasper!!

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