3/17 Stewart running out of time

Ian Stewart is running out of time to get ready for the regular season. The Cubs third baseman will undergo another MRI on his left quad because there’s been some lingering soreness, which has kept him from running the bases and out of games. Stewart injured his leg Feb. 21 during an intrasquad game, and did not play again until March 14 in a Minor League game. He has been unable to get into another game since.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Stewart told the athletic trainers that the latest problem isn’t a setback. However, the reality is the Cubs have two weeks remaining before Opening Day, April 1.

“I don’t know if he’s got enough time,” Sveum said Sunday. “It’ll be interesting.”

Stewart was limited to 55 games last season before of a sore wrist, which needed surgery. That hasn’t been a problem this spring. Whether Stewart is ready for April 1 will affect how the Cubs put together their bench. Brent Lillibridge and Luis Valbuena can play third, as well as Edwin Maysonet and Alberto Gonzalez.

“It just comes down to what do you want in that spot,” Sveum said. “[Steve] Clevenger’s obviously a guy who could be interesting, [and we’re watching] all the waiver wires.”

Clevenger made the Cubs’ Opening Day roster last year as the backup catcher but on Saturday played first and third. He could be an emergency third baseman, plus give Sveum more options with double switches.

Others in the mix for the bench spots include non-roster invitees Darnell McDonald, Brian Bogusevic, and Dave Sappelt, all outfielders.

“It all depends when we sit down and really hard core look at it, what is our need, how does the pitching set up with the other team, who’s their closer, set-up guys, left-handed guys,” Sveum said.

— Carrie Muskat


So far, I like everything Hoyer and Epstein have done. Including the gamble for Stewart before last season. It turns out that the gamble did not work out.
Sveum has sent strong messages through the media ( as well as speaking with Stewart ) that Stewart does not have enough at bats.
Stewart is claiming a lingering pain and is now scheduled for another MRI. Instead of being negative and wondering if Stewart even wants to play, lets say, he does want to play and just isnt able?
At what point will it be said; It was a good gamble at the time, it simply did not work out. Cut our loses, release Stewart and lets get on with the season?
Stewart is simply not worth the aggrevation, the headlines or the medical bills.

yeah, it’s time to move on from Stewart. I like him as a person, but he’s injury prone. He’s no where near the 2 mil pricetag. If anything cut him, (if hes not signed), resign him to a minor league contract, so he can prove he’s worth a spot at Wrigley.

Clayton thats another option. It would seriously cut into Vitters playing time at AAA, but Vitters has not shown much either. The only thing on Vitters side at this stage is his youth, he is still 22 or 23 years old.
Maybe a minor league contract like you suggested for Stewart with extended Spring Training might do it. I just get the feeling Stewart wants a pay check, but either dont want to play or is afraid he cant get back to where he was with the Rockies.

I agree that Stewart’s time has run out. Was hoping he could recover fully from ALL his injuries but it is not happening in time for him to be a productive 3rd baseman. I hate to see a player lose his spot on a roster because you have to know how much they want to play. He’s a good person who got a bum injury deal.

Trading young talent for an obvious need is a good gamble….trading Colvin for Stewart was acknowledged by Theo as somewhat of a miscalculation and remains a pretty bad trade as Colvin
would have been playing RF instead of Shcierholtz. Even TRYING to keep Steward anywhere in the organization seems to be a waste of time, money and energy. Did Theo not even see the need for Colvin in RF in the near future? And now we are paying more money and keeping our
fingers crossed that BOTH Stewart AND Schierholtz miraculously turn into hi productive players…that they NEVER WERE…..

I think Sherholtz will be just fine in RF. At least I am willing to give him the chance. Bottom line is Colvin is gone and the 3B gamble did not work.
So the question now is, how much more do Cub fans have to read about Stewart and his injuries? Release him please.

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