3/18 Soler, Baez sendoff

Jorge Soler and Javier Baez were batting 3-4 for the Cubs on Monday against the Padres. The pair of top prospects will officially join the Minor League camp on Tuesday — Soler has been assigned to Class A Daytona. It’s been an interesting camp for the future Cubs. So far this spring, Soler was batting .250 (8-for-32) with one home run and three RBIs in 16 games, while Baez was batting .333 (13-for-39) with four home runs and nine RBIs in 15 games, and hit two more homers in an exhibition game against Team Japan that don’t count in the Cactus League stats.

Soler said he’s learned a lot about hitting, most importantly the need to be patient at the plate.

“I’ve never seen this kind of pitching before,” he said. “It used to be when I played, 3-0 fastball, 2-0 fastball, and now it’s different. Now 3-0 changeup for a strike, 2-0 slider for a strike. The pitchers have more command of every single pitch.”

He’s still hopeful to make the Cubs next year but there’s a lot of adjustments to be made. Baez has helped Soler with some English.

Veteran Alfonso Soriano delivered some advice, too.

“Soriano told me no matter what kind of money you get, what kind of money your signing bonus is, you have to work hard every single day, and when you go down the Minor Leagues, you have to be a good example for the Minor Leaguers,” Soler said through interpreter, Franklin Font.

— Carrie Muskat


Thank God for Soriano’s invaluable advice….AND that he will soon be leaving, opening up a spot for Soler!!! Woo Hoo!!! C’MON TRADE DEADLINE!!!

can we trade you??? I will take one stick of gum… maybe even the gum under a seat at Wrigley…

Maybe Carrie would like to trade the whole bunch of us about now!!! Maybe we should try to play nice to each other – I know that’s not going to happen any time soon. LOL

We all think different. We all have the players we like and those we dont. I am ok with Soriano, but before last year I felt just like Joey. I can see where he still has value, especially until the trade dead line.
There are two I am not ok with at this time, Stewart for very obvious reasons and Garza.
The bottom line really for me is, come Opening Day, there will be 25 Cub players putting on their uniform to start the season, I will be supporting and wishing the best for all of those 25 players.

It states here that Soler wil be joining the Daytona club, but does not inform us where Baez will go. Will that be High A Daytona also?

Dont know jhosk. Guessing, after the winter and ST Baez has had, he might go to AA. Who knows, that might be rushing it though.

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