3/19 Stewart has setback

Third baseman Ian Stewart will open the season on the disabled list. An MRI showed a pocket of fluid in his left quad, which he had drained on Tuesday. The Cubs will see how he responds to treatment over the next several days, and then expect to have a better timetable for his progress. Stewart said he felt something in his leg during the Minor League game last Thursday, and wasn’t sure if that aggravated his left quad. There’s stil pain, and he hasn’t been on the field since. On Monday, he tried to work out.

“I just tried to run, and can’t run, can’t get through the running part,” Stewart said. “That’s really the last hurdle. I can hit, take grounders, I just can’t run.”

Is he upset, frustrated?

“I would say frustration, because I can pretty much do everything somewhat pain-free without being able to run,” Stewart said. “I know what it’s like to play through pain and that’s what’s hard about this is I can’t get through the pain because it’s just too much.”

Luis Valbuena was expected to start Opening Day, but Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Brent Lillibridge appears to have made the team. He’s “too valuable a commodity,” Sveum said of the versatile Lillibridge, who can play all infield positions and the outfield.

— Carrie Muskat


I feel very sorry for Ian Stewart but at the same time I think it is time to say bye-bye to him. If you can’t run you can’t play and that’s the fact of it. It seems that his body isn’t ever going to be at the point of playability any time soon. Valbueno has shown great improvement this Spring so we may have a decent 3rd baseman to start us off.

Agreed White. Valbueana has surprised me with his nice offense this spring and if he can carry into the regular season it at least buys us time for an improvement down the road. Who knows…Valbuena may have found “it”??? Still doubtful he will be anything close to the RBI, run producing, middle of the order any contending team needs from their third baseman but I am more optimistic with Valbuena starting than the “oops” Stewart.

White and joey, Please don’t forget Valbuena was impressive playing winter bal in Venezuela. He hit for average and went yard on numerous occasions. Don’t know about his glove work, but I’ve been in Luis’s corner right along.

Time to cut bait, same with Garza.


patients bud… patients…. he has only had aroudn 400 ABs including last year and this ST… he will get there but why rush him and potentially ruin his progress when we aren’t going to be contending for anything anyway? Why not suck and continue to stack up the system(not my idea but its what the FO view is)?

It’s spelled “patience,” but agreed.

Castro has 995 total AB’s in the minors. I would push Baez to be in the mix in 14.

i could see that if he continues on his tear… like castro did…. but if he has a slip up like Rizzo expect them to take it slow

I do not agree with giving Baez a shot at 3B right now. That would be super silly. He needs time in the Minors.
I do agree that Stewart should be released. He is bad for team chemistry, team morale and overall worthless. Valbuena can handle 3B. Maybe Vitters can be tried again if he has a good first half at AAA.

Good idea Jasper, with Baez waiting for his ab’s in the minors getting more seasoning….why not give Vitters a once and for all season to prove his worth? After all I don’t think anybody is as concerned if Vitters is rushed or not at this point. It appears he will no longer be in the Cubs plans anyway so not much to lose, at least let him share the time at 3B with Valbuena. If Vitters bombs in 2013 so what? He doesn’t have much midseason trade value either. Give the kid a shot and see what happens while we still suck.

i like baez at third would make a wonderful infield. but lets wait till mid june and see what he has done in the minors

lets wait till he gets a some ABs above AA…. and plays 3B a little more

also you guys are sticking Baez into a position that he hasn’t played as much as SS or 2B…. if anything and with Vitters and Villanueva in the minors still Baez could just as easily move Barney to the bench……. (waiting for the barney fan club to freak)

Petrey, like your idea of building up the minors. Continue(always) to draft good players. Hopefully the drafts from 2012-2014 will turn this team around.

its really not my idea but I do know that the FO’s plan… my problem with it is I feel like we could put a more competitive on the field every year… its coming and I see that but its going to be a slow process. I originally thought 2014 would be our year to make a run but honestly we don’t have the pieces yet and its hard to do it all in a year’s time because lets face it we suck right now… terrible… probably a 90-95 loss team… I say 2015 is now the first year where we could make the playoffs even… let a lone be a true WS contender

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