3/24 Cubs lineup – UPDATED

It’s Starlin Castro’s 23rd birthday, and he’ll be in the lineup Sunday when the Cubs travel to Goodyear to face the Indians. Chris Rusin, who will open the season in Triple-A Iowa’s rotation, gets the start. Dave Sappelt was scratched after getting hit on the right side of his neck by a ball in Saturday’s game. He’s got a large lump there. Here’s the revised lineup:

Lillibridge CF
Navarro DH
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Barney 2B
Gonzalez 3B

— Carrie Muskat


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STARLIN CASTRO!!! Mamma Mia might have a cupcake for you! Hard to believe that next week is OPENING DAY! You guys are going to do really well this year. Carpe Diem.

Not Sappelt too. Do we know if he will be out for a while or does he just have a short term sore neck? We need you guys – stay healthy! Pleaseeeeeee!

I wish I shared your enthusiasm for this roster White, you are a true good soul no doubt. I hate to say it but I don’t think we need THESE guys….we BETTER (than Sappelt) guys… You may be the only thinking this team will do really well this year, I believe the Cubs are predicted to finish above only the Marlins and Astros. But, I do think the ORGANIZATION will do really well this year and unload some of the roster, make room for some younger and better talent in time for 2014 season and beyond, so at least I have that hope.

Gonzalez at 3B. Yay! We need more that .220 out of our corner positions.

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