3/26 Extra bases

Just in case you missed some of this from Monday:

* This will be the first season in which Nate Schierholtz is projected as an everyday player, and Cubs manager Dale Sveum hopes the right fielder doesn’t try to do too much. Schierholtz, a free agent who signed a one-year contract with the Cubs last December, has not gotten more than 335 at-bats with a team in a single season and that was in 2011 with the Giants. He boasts a .270 career batting average.

“He’s kind of working on a few different things than he has in the past,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said of Schierholtz, who was batting .294 this spring. “He’s having an OK camp. That’s probably what he’d tell you, too.

“His defense, his arm, the ability to hit left-handed, that’s a guy who hopefully is very consistent but he’ll probably be a little more on the streaky side,” Sveum said. “He’ll have to get used to seeing his name in the lineup every single day and not try to do too much to think maybe he’s got to do a lot to stay in that because he’s worked so hard.”

Schierholtz had spent his entire career with the Giants until last season when he was dealt to the Phillies.

* The Cubs are realistic. They know they don’t have much speed on the roster.

“Let’s get one thing straight, we don’t have a lot of base stealers, we don’t have a lot of what I call larceny guys,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “You won’t see a whole lot of that going on. We’re not going to try to trick people, we’re going to have to do it by being smart on the bases and being aggressive.”

Tony Campana led the Cubs last season with 30 steals, but he’s now with the Diamondbacks. Next in line was Starlin Castro, who had 25 steals.

* Every morning, David DeJesus, Anthony Rizzo and Darwin Barney put their “Breakfast” shirts on, and go to work. The three have been following a rigorous training program this spring that they hope keeps them strong during the 162-game season. The players had shirts made up that say “breakfast” to wear and help motivate them.

“My trainer sent me something, [Rizzo’s] trainer sent me something and we mix and match,” DeJesus said of the workout. “We make sure everything is incorporated. It’s core, and we want to build some strength but not go crazy. We’re not going to be body builders but want to stay strong.

“People have this myth they want to maintain, maintain, but as the season goes on, it gets hot and maintaining levels go down,” DeJesus said. “You want to increase, but very minimal increase weight. You want to stay strong.”

So far, no plans for t-shirts that say “lunch” or “dinner.”

* On Wednesday, the Cubs play another night game, this time in Surprise against the Royals. Scott Feldman gets the start against James Shields. First pitch is 6:05 p.m. Arizona time and the game will be broadcast on WGN Radio.

— Carrie Muskat


One has to wonder if Sveum read up on Schierholtz’s career stats? HE is being projected as an everyday player….because….he is sooooooo much better than Hairston and Hairston’s 20 homers from last season? Why such an emphasis on Schierholtz? Sounds like a desperate attempt at replacing the outfielder they gave up on….Colvin. Not to mention DJ would look just about as good at 3B than Valbuena. Water under the sinking ship now however as we all must patiently wait for Theo’s TRUE plan to emerge and that being the promotion of a few of his minor league acquisitions. The minor league system is where Theo definitely gets an A+, his “temporary” ML roster? Not so much. C’mon 2014!!!

I will take Schierholtz over Colvin, especially after comparing Colvins OBP at Coors compared to the visiting stadiums. Also I think there will be a platoon of Schierholtz/Hairston. Hairstons OBP against RH pitching is dismal at best, but much better against LH pitching. With the majority of pitching being RH, Schierholtz being a LH hitter, it would only make sense he be called the regular.

Heres an example Joey. At Coors field, Colvin’s OBP was a whopping .380 in 207 at bats. He knocked in 50 runs at Coors field.
Road games the numbers reduce drastically. His OBP was .274 in 213 at bats. He drove in 22 runs on the road.
Hitting in Coors field made Colvin look like an All Star with a .338 BA. Road Games, just your average back up OF or AAA player with a 248 BA.
Then you add in, he only walked 21 times in 136 games while Striking out 117 times.
I would say Coors Field is where Colvin will be the most successful.

Valid points regarding Colvin Jasper, thanks. However down-playing Colvin and Coors field helping Colvin does nothing to augment Schierholtz’s stats and the valid reason for having Schierholtz being the Cubs everyday right fielder. Here are some more numbers: with a six year ML career producing: 24 HR’s, 123 RBI, .270 BA, 230 SO’s, ONLY 14.16 walks per year average(6 less than Colvin’s 2012 season), 212.5 AB’s per year average (to Colvin’s 213 is a wash) and a .319 OBP I would have preferred taking my chances with the more powerful Colvin even in Wrigley Field. After all didn’t he have 20 HR’s in ONE season with the Cubs prior to getting impaled? I agree, Platooning Schierholtz and Hairston will probably be what Svuem will do and I would not be surprised to see Hairston capture a majority of playing time if Schierholtz stays consistent with his career numbers. We need a more pop and power from our outfield than Schierholtz offers. Why think he would be capable of more now that he’s a Cub? Magic? So much for numbers when comparing inferior players anyway….Colvin, Schierholtz, Hairston… no sense debating as these players are not what will make up an excellent every day outfield. Schierholtz over Colvin….kind of a moot point as far as the Cubs are concerned. I’m just saying if Colvin was still on the roster I doubt Hoystein would have gone dumpster diving for Schierholtz and that DJ would have been the weak third baseman that Valbuena will be…with a better chance of producing some offense.

All good Joey. I think Cub management as you state in another recent post, is just rebuilding and doing well. So guys like Scherholtz, Hairston, DeJesus really are here just to get the Cubs by another year or two.
just me or just my opinion, but I dont expect much this year, even if Colvin or who ever was still here, it wont make the Cubs any better this year.
My hopes this year is the July trade line and the Draft, that is what I am looking forward to the most this year. I am hoping contenders need guys down the stretch, like Dejesus, Marmol, Scerholtz, Hairston, Soriano, Baker, Villanueva, Feldman and maybe even Barney for a very good prospect.
So not really debating with you, just looking ahead and hoping like Cub management some of the above have decent years making them more valuable come July.

Agreed! 🙂

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