3/26 Numbers game

When the season starts, some of the Cubs players will have new uniform numbers, including manager Dale Sveum. Dioner Navarro wanted No. 30, which Travis Wood has worn since joining the team, but Wood will wear No. 37. Sveum is giving up No. 33 to pitcher Carlos Villanueva, and the Cubs manager will wear No. 4. Sveum had noticed that Villanueva had “33” on his cleats, and found out that was the pitcher’s preferred number.

No. 30 is very special to Navarro.

“It’s because my wife had a brain aneurysm on Sept. 27, and she had her surgery on Sept. 30, and they gave her a four percent chance of being alive,” Navarro said. “Ever since then, I’ve been wearing No. 30.”

When Navarro explained why No. 30 was special to Wood, the pitcher gave it up.

“He understood,” Navarro said.

By the way, Navarro’s wife is doing well and has no problems.

— Carrie Muskat


Travis Wood will have identical uniform number as Casey Stengel . Casey became famous. I want Wood to become a legend with Cubs the way Casey became with Yankees. For that to transpire, it would translate to Wood pitching great. We Cubs fans can only benefit from such a scenario. Do you all follow me?

I follow you jhosk! What a theory!!!

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Don’t really care for our health care system, but yay for doctors!

don’t say numbers carrie… no one on here likes numbers… they just like to blabber on THEIR opinion

I’m an old Cubs fan from Iowa. My wife suffered a brain aneursym on 9/23/12, and was given the same or worse survival/ recovery percentages as Navarro’s wife. And fourtunately my wife is also recovering well with little or no lasting effects. Must be the Cub fan in us. To stubborn or not smart enough to accept the predicted result. Iowegian.

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