3/31 Barney hurt – UPDATED

Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney was expected to miss Monday’s season opener because of a deep cut on his left knee suffered in the last exhibition game. Barney was injured when he crashed into a fence at Minute Maid Park along the right field line in the third inning on Saturday. He needed five stitches on his knee.

“That’s a bummer,” Jeff Samardzija said Sunday about losing Barney for the season opener. “Darwin’s my boy back there. Him and [shortstop Starlin Castro] up the middle, you really develop a relationship with those guys. They’re the guys you can talk to and shoot stuff off of during the game. It’s nothing we’re not used to. We can adjust to things for sure.”

Brent Lillibridge will start at second base Monday. A official announcement on whether Barney will be placed on the DL will be made Monday after the medical staff has a chance to re-evaluate him. Infielder Alberto Gonzalez did make the trip to Pittsburgh in case Barney is sidelined.

“It’s a tough break for Barney but I’ll do my job and fill in until he’s healthy and get off to a good start,” Lillibridge said Sunday.

The Cubs have had their share of injuries this spring. Pitchers Matt Garza (strained lat) and Scott Baker (strained right elbow) will open the season on the disabled list along with third baseman Ian Stewart (left quad). The Cubs already have placed pitcher Arodys Vizcaino (right elbow) on the 60-day DL.

— Carrie Muskat


NO! Barney❤ please get better soon! Im crying right now😦

Well Isabel this is just about the worst thing that could have happened to OUR Barney! I about had a heart attack when he hit the wall yesterday. He said he could see the bone on his knee where the gash was – horrible! I am hoping that he will heal quickly and that he will be back in the game fast! My main worry is whether or not the knee itself has been damaged – the kneecap, etc. Hopefully not. I imagine he will be able to bind the area of the stitches when he is ready to get back on the field – to keep the wound from opening up again. I brought up 3 kids by myself and remember dozens of stitches being needed over the years. My son collected enough stitches in his youth to sew a twin bed quilt! I also remember how quickly these wounds healed. We can only pray and hope for the best. I imagine Barney is the one who is the most upset about not being able to play tomorrow. Eamus Catuli

On the bright side White we NEVER have to worry about Soriano suffering such an inury as he would not get near a wall with enough speed to cause such an injury. If only Soriano can impart some pearls of wisdom upon Barnery as how NOT to do “too much” and risk jeapordizing a pro-longed yet masqueraded “defensive” season. In fact, one has to wonder how many times in Soriano’s career has he been sidelined due to a defensive injury? Has a ball ever bounced off the brick wall and beened him in the back of the head? Just wondering. These are the risks we must accept with such a stellar defensive player such as Barney, that and his ALWAYS HUSTLE, ALWAYS 100% EFFORT.

Yes White, I hope that the knee isn’t damaged itself, I was thinking about that. But hopefully he gets better and soon because I have been waiting for the season to start! Oh and it’s not OUR Barney but it’s MY Barney!🙂 Haha. And Joey, you’re right, Barney is always hustling for everything! Thats what makes him so great!

Yeah White but I bet Soriano is ok when he hits all the homeruns that he does in fact do for the Cubs , but go ahead and sit and bah the veteran w the best stats DUH! Get over it

Well Castro 13 – Where did I bash Soriano? You might want to check your readings. I happen to like Soriano alot. Joeydafish does not like Soriano. Joey and I have an on-going disagreement about Soriano but we do it respectfully and nicely. I have never bashed Soriano and don’t plan to any time soon. You get over it!

White, you are such a pleasure in which to communicate and more than make up for the few commentators that have trouble determining who says what etc. and can’t except others’ opinions (and admittedly, bashing) In fact, just because of your polite nature I will put forth a concerted effort to no longer bash Soriano, because YOU like him and that is good enough reason for me to back off even though I acknowledge Soriano is the most capable home run hitter and RBI man on the team….having the “best stats” is laughable. Thanks White, you have
given me reason to try to be more accepting of Soriano.


Joey – Thank you for your polite response!!! BUT I don’t want you to ever feel that you have to back off on your opinions about Soriano or anyone else. That is what this blog is all about – expressing our feelings about one player or another and debating on those points. I look forward every single day to expressing and debating our opinions – so BRING IT ON FRIEND!

Thanks White but I look at it this way….hopefully Soriano will be gone as soon as (or sooner) than the next trade deadline as I think this team will be out of the race faster than the talking heads would have us believe especially after listening to the sportswriters’ comments on today’s morning radio shows. When you hear the team’s opening line up consisting of Shcierholtz, Valbuena and Lillibridge that is a white flag from the onset. So….it is just a matter of time before I am relieved of watching Soriano, (Dejesus & Schierholtz for that matter) impede the development of the team as a whole so I might as well back off my barbed comments at Soriano. The ENTIRE outfield is a moot point. PLUS, I am still overjoyed Hendry is gone and sometimes I lose sight of that and get greedy. Enjoy today’s game! We will have our hands full facing Burnett…..

I just hope that Barney is okay. Barney I hope you recover very fast. Yesterday at mass I prayed for you and lit a candle so just for you. I hope you do recover because I have been waiting for the season to start just to watch you play! Please know that Im waiting and I hope you get better soon. GO DAR BAR!❤

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