4/1 Barney to DL

If Darwin Barney suffered a cut anywhere else on his leg, he might have been in the Cubs’ lineup on Monday. But the Gold Glove second baseman has a deep laceration on his left knee cap, and will be sidelined at least two weeks. Barney, injured in the final exhibition game Saturday at Minute Maid Park when he crashed into the wall along the right field line, was placed on the 15-day DL, retroactive to Sunday. The Cubs selected the contract of infielder Alberto Gonzalez and added him to the 40-man roster, and Brent Lillibridge started at second in the Cubs’ season opener against the Pirates.

“You spend your whole offseason thinking about today [Opening Day] — when you’re in the gym, when you’re pushing yourself,” Barney said Monday at PNC Park, wearing a large bandage on his left knee. “We had a good spring as a club. We did a lot of things positively. It’s unfortunate but the good thing is we have guys who can fill in like Lillibridge and Gonzalez who are good players.

“I feel very comfortable with Lillibridge out there,” Barney said. “He’s a great player. Good thing is, we’re a team, and I’m still a part of it, and I can still be out there helping out. With [pitcher Matt] Garza not here, maybe I’ll take over his yelling role.”

Barney has photos of the cut on his knee, and it’s not pretty.

“You take five stitches anywhere else on the body, he would’ve been playing,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “It’s right on the middle of the knee cap and anytime you bend it right now, it would rupture the stitches. It’s unfortunate. He’d be playing if it was on the shin or something like that. Unfortunately, it was right on the knee cap.”

Whether Lillibridge will play every day was to be determined, Sveum said.

“We’ll wing that and see how it all goes,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


If Lillibridge is a “great ” player, we had better find a spot for the man in our lineup. He did not look “great” with his first opportunity on defense in today`s contest. I believe that remark is an example of hyperbole on Barney`s part. Great players are rare. I don`t see any great players on our roster. Some may one day earn that designation after a body of work. If Lillibridge is great, we do not want to see the man riding the pine when Barney comes back.

jhosk, I think Barney said that Lillibridge is a great player to give him confidence playing at 2nd. Lillibridge is probably a bit nervous playing in the Cub’s opening game and Barney, being a team player, wants to encourage him.

I have to agree with you White, I think not only is Barney an excellent second baseman but he is also an excellent teammate hence the hyperbole jhosk so accurately points out. MOOT POINT on all our accounts as Lillibridge with his career stats is lucky to have a bench role on a bad team. He never would have been “pursued” by Hoystein if Hostein didn’t unload both Tyler Colvin and D.J. LaMehue prematurely. (Schierholtz and HIS stellar career numbers…same thing…). To be clear, I am NOT saying Colvin and LaMehue would have been THE answers, I am saying that ANY GM if not thinking clearly will wind up replacing players traded with lesser quality players at a greater expense, creating their own dilemma in the first place. Such is the case with the unnecessary Schierholtz and Lillibridge.

White, I hope you got some dusting done while Marmol blew….uh…I mean THREW the ninth inning!!! Good thing Fujikawa was able to nail down the win!!! Go Cubs!!!

Damn straight, joey. I hope White was able to peel potatoes and play with the kitty while Marmol was failing yet again. Glad to see the manager came with his hook today. Last season Sveum would have stuck with Marmol in same situation. Looks as if my prediction that Fijiwacka (sp.?) would be our closer before May was way too conservative.

Wow! You guys know me so well. I was indeed playing with my kitty who loves to snuggle on the sofa with me AND then I did go to the kitchen to make “stoup” which is a cross between stew and soup and contains every vegetable in the frig with some stew beef or chicken thrown in. Oops! I forgot – this is not a recipe blog! Jhosk, I do think maybe Sveum is getting a bit smarter about getting Marmol out of there before all is lost. At least I hope he is. This year we have a better selection in the bullpen and Fijikawa looks to be a good choice to close. I also like Russell very much. We won! Go Cubbies.

That`s Fujikawa. I apologize to him for butchering his name. He da man today!

And how about the Japanese translator being allowed to come to the mound with the pitcher. Has anyone ever seen that before? I surely have not.

Have never seen it before but it seems like a good idea. We have so many young men who come from different countries having to learn the language along with everything else. I have no objection to it as long as they are off the field before play begins.

White, I agree with yourself, and that soup concoction you made while Marmol was messing the bed, sounds delicious compared to what I ate for dinner. I`d like to hear from Jasper, Belgian Cubbie, Petrey, and anyone else who would like to chime in about today`s victory. Smardz was stellar.

Barney….please getter better! Ive been waiting to see you play all season! I hope that you have a speedy recovery and after your 15 days, you’ll come back hard core! Haha. Keeping you in my prayers though!

The photos of Barney`s knee cut are surely mild compared to Louisville hoops player, Kevin Ware`s gruesome tibia compound fracture.

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