4/2 Welcome to the show

Kyuji Fujikawa became only the second Cubs pitcher to pick up a save in his first appearance for the team in the save era. Prior to Monday, that distinction belonged to Todd Wellemeyer, according to historian Ed Hartig. Wellemeyer got his save in his first appearance on May 15, 2003, in a 17-inning game against the Brewers. Fujikawa got the final out Monday to preserve the Cubs’ 3-1 win over the Pirates. It was his first appearance in the U.S. Major Leagues.

— Carrie Muskat


I’m looking for Petrey Dish. Where are you, man?

I travel all over the USA, is not a problem to meet yourself where ever you suggest. Would like to disuss the Cubs with yourself, do you follow me?


Dont know if it was just luck, but I thought Sveum handled that 9th inning perfectly. You have to give Marmol the shot at saving the game, Sveum did that. He then waited as long as he could giving Marmol that shot. With 1 run in, now 3 to 1. Runners on 1st and 2nd, Sveum brought in Russell to face one batter, getting the out.
Fujikawa, a Japanese veteran, who has never pitched in the ML’s only needs one out for the save.
Fuji gets that out, Cubs win. Fuijikawa gets his 1st ML save, what a confidence builder that has to be?? Plus, Russell got his 1st successful appearence of the season.

Managers with stones do not HAVE to do anything. I do know what you mean though and am afraid Sveum will “have” to continue giving Marmol the first shot at a save in order to prove him worthy of a trade. However, since this is Marmol’s last season with the Cubs anyway and we won’t get much in return no matter how “well” he closes games I hope Sveum has a cut off date in mind for using Marmol and damn the trade value. Sooner or later Hoystein is going to have to face the music regarding what can be received in trade for the Hendry Holdovers Marmol and Soriano. They dumped Zambrano didn’t they? Zambrano for Volstadt would have been pretty much the same as cutting him.

lol. I agree on the Zambrano for Volsted comment. The best part of that was, no clubhouse incidents last year. Good trade.
I also agree Marmol will not bring back much value in a trade. The best thing here is, the salary savings next year.
I also believe that even though Sveum is the field General and manages the team, there is some pressure from above to put certain players in certain situations, hoping to increase their value.
Money Ball is a excellent example of that.
Marmol might be an example of that. Stewart is definately a example of that. ( My Opinion ) I think Sveum would have released him by mid March if he had the power to do so. Not saying Epstein or Hoyer made the wrong decision, but, it is their decision.

Field General + stones = Marmol as mop up man.

Joey, I honestly cant agree more. Have you ever seen the movie Money Ball? There is some pressure on the Manager from above, be it very little, you still have people over you & must do as they say in any manager or Supervisor position, providing you want to keep your job.
All I am really saying is; there is always so much more going on that the average fan like you or I will never know about. Unless it was Steinbrenner & Billy Martin. lol

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