4/2 Wrigley update

Can the Cubs install a video scoreboard inside Wrigley Field? That appears to be one of the sticking points in negotiations between the team, city officials and the Wrigleyville rooftop owners. Officials with the Cubs, the city of Chicago and the Wrigleyville neighborhood were expected to continue talks on Tuesday regarding the team’s proposed $300 million renovation plan of Wrigley Field.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts had set Opening Day as a deadline but no resolution was reached. Mike Lufrano, Cubs executive vice president of community affairs and legal counsel, met Monday at Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s city hall office along with top mayoral aide Matt Hynes and Wrigleyville Ald. Tom Tunney of the 44th Ward.

Part of the Cubs’ plan includes installing a 6,000-square foot video screen inside the ballpark. Rooftop club owners want to preserve their views and feel the screen would block them. According to reports, the rooftop owners are willing to put signs on their buildings and let the Ricketts keep the revenue, and they want to extend their agreement with the Cubs.

“There’s good progress made to both to allow the Cubs owners to make the investments they need in the stadium,” Emanuel said during a news conference in Chicago, “and there’s good progress also to make sure the community around Wrigley … sees the type of parking and security they need for games to also enjoy the community.”

— Carrie Muskat


Then why the deadline?

The Cubs need a resolution to this so they can start prepping for the offseason renovations. Anyone who has done any reno work knows, you can’t say, OK, I’m going to re-do my kitchen and I’ll get it done in a day. You have to order the appliances, the tile, etc. Now, imagine planning renovation for a 100-year-old ballpark, with a small time frame to get the work done, and you can understand why the Cubs want a decision. The Cubs want to know they’ll have the revenue from the video screen, from other sources to go ahead with the work. Tell them now, and they’ll be ready to go in October (hopefully, November).

take Rosemonts deal and start building the NEW IMPROVED FAN FRIENDLY ballpark…. build the bars and shops and parking facilities NEEDED…. screw the City of Chicago and the neighbors…… why should the Rooftops generate revenue off of the Cubs when they continue to hold up the whole renovation? Why should Cubs fans be worried about neighborhood property values when the person running the neighborhood obstructs the Ricketts from running their business…….. get it done or MOVE ON…….

If Rosemont means a better bathroom set-up in the press box, I’m all for it.

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