4/3 Cubs sign Sweeney

The Cubs have reportedly signed outfielder Ryan Sweeney, who was released by the Red Sox, to a Minor League deal, and he was to report to Triple-A Iowa on Wednesday. It’s good news for Sweeney, who lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The 28-year-old batted .217 in 21 games this spring with the Red Sox, and was then released.

“[I’m] just frustrated with the situation with how it happened, not making the team and stuff like that,” Sweeney told MassLive.com. “Hindsight’s always 20-20 signing with a team and being a free agent. I don’t regret signing with them. I just wish things had worked out a little different.”

A left-handed hitter, he’s played for the White Sox, Athletics and Red Sox, and has a career .280 average over seven big league seasons.

Sweeney announced his signing on his Twitter account: “So pumped to get this opportunity with the Cubs. I know I have made a lot of Midwest people happy. Looking forward to a great 2013 season!”

— Carrie Muskat


Woo Hoo! Another Tyler Colvin replacement…

Might be a replacement. Didnt D J and Colvin both get sent to AAA for the start of the season? I would think with Colvins Super Star status, he would have made the Rockies roster?
I bet they are resting Colvin, they dont want him playing all 162 games, they will bring him up two weeks before the All Star Break, he will get 58 at bats, 50 hits, hit 20 Home Runs, 62 RBI’s, make the All Star Team and then go on to get MVP.

Jasper, I was be funny??? BUT…your comment was spot on hilarious. Excellent sense of humor!!!

haha comical… you just had to post for joey didn’t ya….. man if only we had colvin or dj to play for us in AAA… the cubs would be so much better😉

Thanks Joey. I woke up pretty happy this morning.🙂

I was looking over a few Rosters this morning and not many ex Cubs out there. There are the recent trades like, Maholm, Baker, Johnson, Soto, Dempster, Donaldson. Very surprised that Archer didnt make the Tampa Roster this year. Colvin & DJ both in AAA. Did not see Campana on the D Backs Roster. Marshall might be missed, but there was a solid return on him, plus huge cost savings. Cashner still has a chance to be a heck of a Pitcher, but injuries and more injuries have held him back.
I know there are many others like Pagan, I dont even remember who Hendry received when he traded him back to the Mets? Juan ( no arm ) Pierre. There are more I am sure.
I know there are some I have overlooked, but other than Archer, is there anyone the Cubs Organization will really miss?
Maybe I am just not awake.

Jasper, none that the Cubs would really miss however wouldn’t it be NICE to still have Maholm? Considering he is the kind of pitcher Hoystein seems to be targeting AGAIN? And we already had him, a GOOD, LOW COST middle of the order pitcher. Who did we receive for him anyway? If some standout prospects I could see the logic but if not….look at our 3-4-5 starters NOW….Maholm would have been #3 behind Jackson, don’t you think?

Cubs received Chapman and Vicaino for Maholm, have you heard anything positive about these prospects Jasper or Mamma?

Viscaino is one of our top SP prospects…. i think you will see him up on the ML roster for a september call up if he recovers from his surgery

Joey, Maholm would be nice, but I would make that trade again in a heartbeat. Vizcaino, who you wont hear from this year, maybe not next. And Chapman came from the Braves for Maholm and Reed Johnson.
What did the Cubs actually receive? Just my opinion and as I said, it may take a couple years, but they received a potential #1 starter in Vizcaino and a middle inning reliever. They also saved over 5 million in salary this year. Maybe I am a gambler, but I will trade for that 21 y/o potential #1 starter, take the middle inning reliever and save 5 million in salary every time.

OK, things are looking up for 2015 when the rebuild is complete. Like I’ve said before, I think Hoystein is doing a great job stocking the farm system. You make the Maholm trade sound real good Jasper, thanks.

Joey, another I like that most people frowned upon was Campana. I liked Campana, he was exciting on the bases. I will never forget his inside the park Home Run. His strength was speed. You have to admire a guy that made it to the ML on the strength of speed alone. If a team could afford to carry a guy, for that one strength, Campana would be the perfect fit.
There was actually a case in the 70’s where the A’s owner ( Finley?) signed an Olympic sprinter to a ML contract and kept him on the roster just to steal bases in late innings.
But, trading a guy like Campana for two 17 y/o fireballers is a gamble you have to take in my opinion. I wish Campana the best of luck, I just think he has made it as far as his talent will take him. Great guy though.

We agree about Campana for sure and I too hope he resurfaces with the Dbacks this season and is called upon to use his unique (albeit limited) talents as a specialty bench player….and sees some post season action!

Joey, I just noticed Sweeney has a 1.000% Carreer fielding avg. in LF…

haha you mean two less errors than soriano? WOW!! haha sorry couldn’t help myself


Good question Mamma Mia. I would be interested thier thoughts as well.

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