4/5 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a three-game series against the Braves on Friday night. Scott Feldman will make his Cubs debut. Atlanta is starting lefty Mike Minor, so manager Dale Sveum is countering with his righty lineup.

Sappelt CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Lillibridge 3B
Gonzalez 2B
Feldman P

— Carrie Muskat


And Lillibridge is still in the lineup why?

Evidently because he is a fill in White? And there are no other “fill in'” options in the organization, I guess. Where’s your kitty when we need it???

“Soft kitty, warm kitty” is curled up in my arms on the sofa as I write this, Joey. She is waiting for the game to begin! She too is a Cubs fan. When the TV goes on her ears perk up and she is all alert. HaHa. Let’s have a win for Shirley Purrl!

I believe we are the only club in MLB that stays with a “lefty lineup” that does worse against LHP than our “righty lineup” does. Forget the L/R matchup and go with who’s playing the best!!!!!!!!

Drew…that would make too much sense. We have to distance ourselves from Quade by several more years evidently becuase so far Sveum is NOT impressing very much….at least he pulled Marmol in the first game….but puts him back out there in the third game. You have to wonder what are his intentions? Utilize all the “guys” Hosytein gave him so he appears to be on board with the man who hired him or is he drinking what Quade drank? Lillibridge is a desperate pick up, an admittance of a failed system. Really, there is not ONE minor leaguer that may have the same chance as Lillibridge to NOT perform? We had to go outside the system for a player of HIS caliber? Yeesh. Oooooh, Sveum’s “righty” line up….as if it’s a weapon, too sad.

There is one we really disagree on my friend joey. Lillibridge is indeed a desperate pick up, but why? Management does not want to rush the youngsters and lillibridge is a fill in this year. He may or may not work out, who cares?
Sveum is teaching, players respect him, management respects him and what has he done wrong? There were no club house incidents last year. The Cubs are playing as a team. The best part is, he is using what he has, which is not a great team.
4th game of the season, 2nd against a LH pitcher and complain about his line up, why? Because they didnt hit in the cold weather after coming from AZ to Pittburgh? Why not give them a chance against that good pitching in ATL before you start complaining?
My God, 3 games into the season and look at the above from everybody. They ARE NOT going to win this year. Accept it.

haters gonna hate Jasper…. i agree we suck…. you can’t polish a turd which is what Sveum is trying to do…. don’t expect us to hold a winning record much longer…. brace yourself for a 68-74 win team and realize we need TIME to fix this problem

Right, they are not going to win this year and the Lillibridge type of pick ups are one reason why. He is a fill in for sure we agree on that Jasper but calling up some AAA players that are ALSO not part of our future and wouldn’t be considered rushed to the big leagues would be another bad option no? Plus they might surprise whereas Lillibridge is a known bad commodity. Of course there were no club house incidents last year, more to the credit of Zambrano’s absence than Sveum’s leadership. It IS funny stuff though, FROM ALL OF US, NO EXCLUSION. LMAO 2.

Agree petrey10, except the problem is being corrected. I dont see it as; time to fix the problem as much as I think; time will fix the problem.

Hoyer, Epstein, Sveum all need time. Another great draft and some more trades for prospects and time.

lol, Joey, no need to get defensive. We agree on alot. The difference is I try to find positive, the negative is just to damn easy to find when you have a terrible team.

OK Jasper, my apologies, frustration sometimes dictates what the finger type…you must know that too right? Enjoy the Altanta series friend, no matter what right? I will…IT’S CUBS BASEBALL, IT’S SPRINGTIME AND HOPE IS ETERNAL, GO CUBS!

Lol, no love for the backup utility/infield/outfield/last man on the bench/backup beer vendor/alternate night janitor/storage closet B peon?
I can’t wait until the roster is so stacked that I’m truly worried about Theo finding the best possible utility man to round out the team. Lillibridge is a warm body, the very definition of a sub-replacement player. I couldn’t care less if he gets extra starts in early April when our starting 2B is on the disabled list in a rebuilding year.🙂 But I love the passion. Reminds me of the youtube video of the White Sox kid/fan crying over Lillibridge being traded. Lilllllllliiiibridgggggggeeeee! Go Cubs!

WE NEED BARNEY BACK AT 2ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need to wait for Baez at 2nd…… barney’s clock is ticking… he sees the writing on the wall… you don’t… he is not going to be a part of a WS contender for the CUbs… unless its coming off the bench

Bring it on Petrey — get out your stats and facts book on Barney and then get ready to “eat crow” when he is a WS contender for the Cubs AND he won’t be sitting on the bench any time soon.

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