4/8 Cubs lineup

Happy home opener! The wind is blowing out at Wrigley Field, and after some morning showers, it should be a good day weather-wise. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Valbuena 3B
Lillibridge 2B
Jackson P

— Carrie Muskat


And soon….also at Wrigley Field a lot of current Cubs will meet the streets as their Cub tenure comes to a merciful end and then our New Cubs will stop meeting defeat and welcome success at the Friendly Confines. A wonderful 2013 is in store for Castro, Rizzo, Barney, Castillo and Samarzdja as they practice all year on a bad team in order to hone their skills, getting ready to lead the New Cubs to at the very least a playoff berth!

For the entire month of April I would drop Soriano down to the 7th spot and it’s not because I don’t like him it’s because he does not get going until May as evidenced by yet another terrible start to yet another season. Pop up to the SS with a man on third and less than two outs??? Disgraceful. I know it could happen to anybody but the next batter flied out to RF, deep enough to score Castro on a tag up. Not good baseball. If sveum can drop Marmol from the closer’s role due to his inability to CLOSE then he should too drop Soriano from the clean up spot due to his inability to CLEAN UP. Come May, move him back up and see what he can do. Or, trade him but unfortunately I read that Soriano wants to finish his contract with the Cubs so he can hang around for all the Wrigley improvements and the Jumbotron. Somebody please tell this man that the additions won’t be around until he is long gone anyway.

you want to move Soriano down in the lineup for who??? WHO ??? I don’t think you understand that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE BETTER…. the TEAM… TEAM… T-E-A-M is batting .186…. its going to be pretty hard to find anyone on the TEAM to hit 4th when the TEAM is batting .186. So o great one who would to bat 4th? Also Soriano has had RISP for his AB TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one of those times he WALKED…….. HOLY COW he did exactly what he was supposed to do but yet you get on here and run your mouth like an ignorant FOOL…

and I don’t need some long winded response… I truly want to know who you would bat 4th and your reason for doing so.

obviously you are oblivious to what the meaning of a sociopath is so I will let you google it and figure it out on your own

Joey – I’ve been away 12 months and your love affair with Alfonso continues… almost like Rocky and Adriaaaaaaaan. Such love is a lesson to us all.

At least Soriano is trying hard… unlike the woeful DeJesus, Navarro, Liilibridge and Valbuena.

My issue is with Sveum… if he is managing these guys and passing on the message of improved OBP, how do you explain the lack of plate discipline from DeJesus, Rizzo, Lillibridge, Valbuena and every one of our pitchers.

This guy already appears to have lost the players… and his general demeanour is very uninspiring.

Having spent 2 weeks in Mesa watching pring training it is obvious how much more underprepared our batters are compared to the opposition – as evidenced by our averages and OBPs.

Even a trip to our supposedly healthy farm at Kane County over the weekend was deflating – it showed how much more skilled the younger Astros farmhands are than ours.

maybe the hitting coach should be helping with the plate discipline?? IDK just a thought…..

haha really? Now I abuse animals and my family because you come on the internet and make up crap? Thats fine buddy but I think you are the one who is out of line here

Thanks Hustle, glad to hear from a WELL MANNERED contributor. Soriano no doubt is trying hard as evidenced by that routine fly ball that should have easily been caught chest or shoulder high but he managed to turn into a “spectacular” shoe string catch which prevented him from making a good throw to keep the runner at third base allowing the runner to score, no ERROR so he remains the “brilliant” defender as adverstised. As far as Aprils are concerned regardless of his hard effort he FAILS at doing his job (remember, I’m talking about Aprils) just as Marmol’s trying hard fails him. So until May rolls around I would replace Soriano with anybody at the current time that is making better long ball (even deeper fly outs) contact just as Sveum did with Marmol/Fujikawa who could also suck but at this time a change was in order. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. But I agree about Sveum, so far I am not seeing much of an adjustment regarding hitters’ approach at the plate.

joey just liek I thought you would come back with some long winded answer that DIDN’T answer my question…. first we weren’t talking about Soriano’s defense… second NO ONE is make long ball contact on a consistent basis BC the team is hitting a pathetic .186…. replacing Soriano with anyone else isn’t going to do anything and is making changes where the change isn’t goign to impact the batting order. You gotta have Castro 2nd and Rizzo 3rd with your next best hitter 4th and thats Soriano with this team… why is that so hard for you to comprehend?

Yikes, the Cubs better have a winning season soon, or some overly passionate commenter is going to go on a rampage.
If Castro and Rizzo are pinned in the 2/3 holes (which I think is a good idea), there really isn’t another option at cleanup. I’m pleasantly surprised by Schierholtz at 5, but it’s asking a bit much to bat him cleanup. Which leaves Castillo? No thanks. Soriano will heat up, he’s ridiculously streaky anyway. Too early to freak out about the batting order in a 90+ loss season. I think many fans take 7 games of stats a bit too seriously. The entire lineup is having a rough start. Thank goodness the bullpen is solid… AMIRITE? :)P Enjoy the ride ladies and gentlemen, I always do.

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