4/8 Extra bases

* Theo Epstein fully supported Dale Sveum’s decision to change closers and switch to Kyuji Fujikawa in place of Carlos Marmol.

“I think he made the right call,” Epstein said. “Marmol bounced back last year to have a really solid second half. Of course, he should’ve started this year as our closer. You don’t lose your job after two bad outings at the end of Spring Training. To do that would be counter to everything we believe in. He pitched really poorly three times to start the year,” Epstein said. “It was important for the team to make a change. We need to believe we can win these close games late. For Marmol, last year, he went back after struggling, fixed himself and came back and contributed. We need to be open to that possibility again.”

Sveum said they want Marmol to work on his pitch selection, and not get “fastball happy.”

* Darwin Barney has been cleared to do all baseball activities, but won’t get the stitches removed from his left knee until later this week. Barney, on the disabled list with a knee laceration suffered March 30 in the last exhibition game, was able to participate in all drills in batting practice. If all goes well, Barney will begin a rehab assignment this weekend at one of the Minor League teams, and then could be activated April 16.

* Matt Garza, who threw 35 pitches in his second bullpen on Sunday in Atlanta, will throw a couple more bullpen sessions and then was expected to begin a Minor League rehab assignment. Garza has been sidelined since Feb. 17 with a strained left lat. He’s hoping to return in May.

* Last season, Cubs fans had to deal with a 101-loss season. Most understood the growing pains of the team’s rebuilding process. Does Sveum expect fans to be patient this year?

“You can only have so much patience,” Sveum said. “Obviously, they were great to us in hard times last year and understanding the process in the organization. There’s only so much you can take, especially when you have some of the best fans in the country and passionate. It’s not just Chicago — we have a following throughout the whole country. The patience has to give way sometimes — that’s just the nature of the beast.”

There’s no truth to the rumor that Epstein’s hair turned gray since he took over as Cubs president of baseball operations.

“Ten years in Boston will do that to you,” Epstein said of the flecks of gray. “Lots of blown saves. I remember my first road trip with the Red Sox, we opened on the road in ’03, we blew a save Opening Day, blew another one in Toronto, blew another one in Baltimore. They might have sprouted back then. It’s not a new development.”

— Carrie Muskat


What is it with the pictures the Cubs pick up. Year after year, they purchase contracts on terrible pictures. Is it because of the scouting? Someone is selling them the goods that aren’t good. Marmol had one good year and has stunk since. I’m nearing 70 and will probably never see a championship.

Maybe they need a new…..PHOTOGRAPHER.

The still life at 2nd and 3rd base would be perfect for a good photographer… I never thought I would ever look forward to Ian Stewart’s return so much…

As for Lilypad I think our own Carrie could muster a higher OBP.

As for Marmol, I agree he stinks. But how much of that is due to past overuse by Piniella and Quade..?

Over used? I would have to respectfully disagree. You’re either a good closer that can be used A LOT….or not. Was Shawn Camp overused? Or James Russell? Some would think so yet they still manage to pitch well. Marmol may be losing his edge as he is gaining his weight…..

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When you are taking 15-20 pitches to close an innings every innings you cannot be sent out as often as Rivera. Look at the other closers who have gone from hero to zero… Axford, Valverde, Lidge etc who have all suffered from the same overuse. Even Wilson the Beard was battling before his elbow blew.

Marmol was never lights out as a closer, but Piniella and Quade should have recognised this before sending him out so often…

Camp is a serviceable 7th inning guy for his cost – and someone who performed great last year… I’m still not convinced by Russell’s ability under pressure, but he is an ok situational lefty – if rather expensive for what he brings to the team.

Marmol could do with losing a good 20-30 lbs… I agree. Much as Ramirez needed to do when he waddled out to 3rd base for us.

The expense of the player regarding what he brings to the team is a different subject than a pitcher being over used. You bring up a good point regarding the quantity of pitches Marmol uses compared to Rivera however even bringing up Rivera’s name in the same conversation as Marmol is stretching it don’t you think? I think a lot of Cubs are expensive for what they bring to the team. Only a few “bargains” on this team in regards to value….Barney being one of them….

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