4/8 Marmol: “I’m trying to do my job”

When Carlos Marmol was introduced at the Cubs home opener on Monday, he was booed by the crowd of 40,083. He was booed again when he entered the game in the eighth and served up a double to Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun on a first-pitch fastball.

“I’m not the first one, [I won’t be] the last one,” Marmol said. “I’m fine. I’m trying to do my job and trying to get people out. That’s what I need to do.”

After Braun’s double, Marmol did strike out Rickie Weeks, walked Jonathan Lucroy, which prompted more boos, and struck out Alex Gonzalez and got Martin Maldonado to ground out and end the inning.

“I felt good getting those last people out,” Marmol said. “It’s been tough for me to get three outs and put a zero on the board and I did it.”

Dale Sveum said it was tough to hear the fans razz Marmol.

“You’re with these guys every day and you know who they are behind the scenes and the adversity they have to go through,” Sveum said. “On Opening Day, to get booed like that isn’t fun for anybody. Bringing him in the game, he had to [hear] it twice in one day. It’s unfortunate but that stuff happens. It’s tough for all of us in that clubhouse to see it.”

— Carrie Muskat


Sad to say if I was there I would of booed too. I want to be positive, guys give me something to cheer about.

I was there and I didn’t boo… but I can wholly understand those who did.

Marmol has a demeanour similar to that Aramis Ramirez had when with the Cubs… it is difficult to pull for guys who don’t obviously show their emotions – and in their case look a few pounds overweight whilst being paid millions of $$$s to be professional athletes.

What about Big Z and showing his emotions? Whether too much or too little emotion there will always be someone saying they don’t like a players demeanor.

I really don’t like booing! I have heard that Marmol is a really very nice sweet person and it must really hurt when he hears booing. I believe him when he says he is trying very hard to get his pitching under control but I also believe he should not be our closer and should not be pitching until he has achieved that goal. Yes, these young men are paid huge salaries and are “professional athletes” BUT they are also human beings who do not deserve openly booed at the stadium.

Its stupid to boo your own team. If he wasnt trying its one thing, but I haven’t seen anything to indicate he isn’t trying. I dont see anybody booing Rizzo and his .160 avg. It’s not that different. They’re both trying, but haven’t seen very many positive results. YET. Braun isn’t stupid. He had to know he was gonna get a first pitch fastball from a struggling pitcher who is trying to get ahead. If you’re gonna boo make sure you are cheering just as loud when he gets on a good shutdown streak like he has known to do before.

*been* known to do before.

well said…

Yeah I agree. I is bad to boo your own team! If we go to support them then we should do that. I don’t think we fans go to make them feel bad. He’s right, he’s just trying to do his job. I think he has done a well job before. Its just the beginning, we can do it!🙂

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Besides, if fans booed all the Cubs that are trying to do a good job but failing miserably then the mean ol’ alderman would invoke the noise ordinance…THE BOOING WOULD BE SO LOUD. We should consider accepting Marmol and most of the Cubs for who they are….bad ball players. Really, when one thinks of it, wouldn’t we fans want almost a COMPLETE roster turnover? We have no choice but to wait for said turnover. Booing players that we KNOW are below average is ludicrous and insults the intelligence of us fans. Booing Marmol? Really? As if that’s going to help in any way or let the world know we are upset with somebody the whole world knows is bad? If that’s the case the players might as well take a number, starting with Lillibridge…..NEXT!

Mamma Mia, You are letting the “meanies” get to you! I am going to have to sing the “Kitty Song” to you — Warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur, Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr. We are waking up to a new day, a new game, new hopes for success on the field, new hopes for a happy healthy day, new hopes for everything today brings to us. I am hoping to see Barney back at 2nd, Ian Stewart on 3rd, hot bats, expert defense and a WIN. Eat a yummy cupcake, and keep your heart focused on the good people. Love ya. Have a great day! And thank you for all your interesting and informative posts – I look forward to them every day.

I think we all can be patient during the rebuilding of the franchise from the bottom up, then again what choice do we have?
I am not a complainer, but here we have a guy who says ( I am TRYING to do my job ). I find that comical, but very sad. Making over 9 million a year, but he is trying??

Then there is another guy on the DL who was signed to a non guaranteed contract, could have been released and saved tons before March 15, but was kept.

Then you have a Super Star pitcher who is not ready for ST, first time throwing, he gets hurt. He makes over 10 Million a year.

I can deal with Valbuena, Feldman, Villanueva, Hairston, Dejesus, Lillibridge and so on, while we are waiting for the Minors Leaguers getting at bats.

What I dont have patience with is; over 20 million on one guy trying and two others that are so sensitive and tender they cant earn their money.

Yes I am one who will boo Marmol or turn off the game when he comes in. I really enjoy what Hoyer and Epstein are doing, but very disappointed that Marmol and Stewart are still in the Cubs organization. Garza left them no choice and I will be glad when he is gone, should we get a prospect in trade or not.

Jasper, Marmol did not leave Hoystein much choice either nor did Soriano who at least is not a total embarrassment. I am on board with you WE TOO ARE LEFT NO CHOICE but to hope that what appears to be a very good shoring up of the minor leagues by Hoystein will pay off in a few years. All the sub-par players in the meantime passing through the revolving door are just minor annoyances and we can live with them as long as we see progress in the minors, right?

Right joey. Dont get me wrong, if they put on a Cubs uniform, I am hoping they do very well.
Like a Marmol, I dont see Hoyer getting anything for him now. He would have to be lights out for the rest of April & May for a contender to want him.
Same with Garza, if he comes back in May, its his FA year like Marmol, even if hes doing well, what will another team give up for a few months?
Afraid to go after Marmol, because he might get there and not throw strikes. Afraid to go after Garza, because he might stub his toe before he gets to the new destination.
They both seem pretty to have lost their value, not only for them, but for Cubs and their fans as well.

Marmol is what he is. A poor closer.Inconstant to say the least..

Marmol came in last night, looked agressive, threw strikes. Yes he gave up a hit, the best thing was he didnt walk anyone. He looked very good last night.
We all know if we have followed the Cubs and paid attention, that Marmol has always been good in the set up role. Hopefully he stays there and continues to do well.

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