4/9 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood takes the mound Tuesday night for the Cubs in game 2 of their three-game series against the Brewers. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus cf
Castro ss
Rizzo 1b
Soriano lf
Schierholtz rf
Castillo c
Valbuena 3b
Lillibridge 2b
T. Wood p


I like Travis Wood. Maybe he will get us out of our slump tonight. AND let’s get some big hits! AND why is Lillibridge still in the game. Wouldn’t Gonzalez be a little less frightening? At least he gets a hit now and then. Not fair to Lillibridge to keep his lost lamb self struggling. Barney better be back SOON! with a WELL HEALED KNEE! Eamus Catuli

Awesome game last night! Nice to see Marmol do okay. Great play by Castro. They were behind and they kept at it! Fun to watch. Still need to say bye-bye to Lillibridge. Would hope to send him to minor league to hone his skills. Should not be at Wrigley now.. Looking forward to tonight’s game – confidence has been rebuilt and it’s time to win some more. Eamus Catuli

White, and don’t forget about the amazing RBI total by our cleanup hitter! We never would have come from behind without his awesome presence. He is indeed “Mr. April” OK, OK, I know…be nice…I hope the weather and his bat warms up soon….better???

rd, do not comprehend “Soler is on the 40.”

As you were, I figured it out. Is the 40 man roster. Is another sign am losing mental acuity, I suspect.

We’re Cubs fans… we’re all a little crazy :)

Everyone did look VERY COLD out there last night. I thought it was funny that the umpire made the batters uncover their faces when they came up to the plate so he could be sure they were the right batter. Hope the weather cooperates tonight.

I hope you mean north to Knoxville and not north to Chicago :) Theo and Jed aren’t rushing any prospects through the system – they’ve said it many many times. I’m expecting them both to end up in AA and if they play well, maybe AAA to start next year. Soler is on the 40, so outside chance at a September call-up for him.

What is the bar set at? .220 ba, 0 RBI, 0 hr???

Yeah, they both have some work to do. Making progress though.

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